Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Olympics

It's Friday, yeah!!!! Why do we love Fridays so much, shame imagine how the other poor days must feel, lol.

We had an interesting theme for this Bellarific Friday, at least for a South African it was very interesting. We had to do winter sports, with the winter Olympics on in Canada at the moment, I guess everyone thought that it's a great idea, but here, no snow, ever, it's not something we even think about.

That was not going to stop me though, and I used Daisyboardabella for my card, and used the South African sports colours, green and gold, and based the layout on our flag. Even if there isn't a single South African at the winter Olympics, it didn't matter, I thought I'd stay local, hehehe.

As usual I coloured my image with prismacolor pencils and blended it with sansador. Then I cut it with a nestie oval template and layered it on a nestie oval template. I added some baubles to make it look a bit more glamorous.

Then look what decided to come and investigate my card while I was trying to take the photo. Jingle is so inquisitive, as cats are. At least he didn't say terrible card, rofl.

Don't forget to go visit the Bellablog later to see what everyone else got up to, I know I can't wait. It is always a highlight of my Friday.

I'm out of here, have a great weekend.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stella is the BEST

So I missed Friday completely. It's not my fault the time goes so quick. At least now you have something to do on a Saturday, read my Friday post, lol rofl!!! Okay, I know what you're thinking so lets move on. I see I got a few new visitors, thanks ladies for stopping by. It's always great to meet new bloggers.

This week's Bellarific Friday was a colour challenge. I was so lucky, I had no idea what the colours were, and happened to have made this card, with pink and orange, two of the 3 colours. Can you imagine how spooky that was when I discovered that. It was so cool cause it meant I didn't have to go rethink a new card with those colours. All I did was add the sentiments with a little aqua/blue background.

I used Birthday cake with a Stella in it for this card, I {{{{LOVE}}} Stella! Emily can we please have more Stellas, lol. I coloured her with prisma pencils, then blended with sansador (gamsol) and cut her out with my oval nestie. I added some glamour dust with my quicky glue pen. If you don't have either of those two you must get some, they are two great products.

Of course I am not that late, you are still in time to go visit the Bella Blog, cause if you leave a comment you could win some Bella Bucks. Imagine you could get this fantastic Stella with your bucks, hehehe.

Isn't it unbelievable how it can rain for 6 weeks almost non-stop and then no rain in 2 days and the garden is so dry it looks like a dessert. Well that's the case here, with the sun that's so hot it just sucks up the little rain we've had and now I have to water the garden :-( Come back rain, okay not all day, just a little please.

I think I need to go lay down a bit, I feel like I could fall asleep on the keyboard, which won't be a very good thing, cause you'll get a post that does not make much sense. Oh, I nearly forgot, I see that Taylored Expressions has made a down loadable file of all their sketches. You can find it on the side bar. It's well worth it if you like to follow sketches.

That's me done for now. Off to sleep off the headache tablets I've taken.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every girl's dream?

Is it true that every little girl once dreamt of being a ballerina? Not sure, I certainly didn't. I was more into boys stuff, not tutus and pointed toes, lol. Maybe if I was introduced to this cute little girl in her tutu I might have reconsidered? Doubt it.

She is tutuface from Stamping Bella, and I think she is so sweet. Love how her hair if flying in the air. I had no-one in mind when I bought this stamp, nor when I made the card, but I am pretty sure it is going to find a good use soon. How can it not!

I coloured her with a combo of prismacolor and lyra pencils, I tend to use some of my lyra's to colour hair. They just give me the result I like. I cut the image with a square nestie then layered it on a scalloped nestie. The background was done with a cuttlebug template. I had to add some glamour dust to her dress, a ballerina has to glow just a little. The crocheted flower is one my mom made, of course. I have been nagging her to start making my little Jingle a blanket for winter. It is around the corner and she hasn't even bought the wool yet. I think I must nag more, lol.

I was about to come upstairs and download the pics of this card and my card for Friday when Jingle jumped on my lap again. Soon as I sit on the couch he's there. I still had the camera in my hand and took a few pics, they didn't come out that clear as I didn't want to use the flash and get the natural light rather. But here is Jingle now 3 months old and a real mommies boy, aaaah.

Alright then, I won't keep you much longer, I know it can be very time consuming to read all the posts, and I'm sure often my waffle is skipped. I so don't mind. There just isn't enough time to get to it all.

Have a great, week and don't forget our Bellarific Friday challenge is orange, pink and aqua. It will be great to see some of you there.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

king of the WILD THINGS

Anyone with a little boy this age looking at this post is probably thinking, that's my boy, lol! Luckily for me, I'm not one of them ;-)

This is king of the wild things from Stamping Bella, and I must say it is one of my favourites. I must sound like a broken record, I think I say that about all the images from Stamping Bella, but come to think of it, why would I have bought it if that wasn't the case.

I coloured him with my prismacolor pencils blended with sansador and cut him out with my craft knife, then layered on a nestie mat and framed with a nestie. I added some antique accents, and highlights with my sakura glaze pen. The corners were done with a stampin' up corner punch and the white background behind him with a cuttlebug template.

Have you all been having a good weekend, I know I have. I've not left the house, and yesterday we had such a beautiful day, then last night some rain, and today lovely sunshine again. Just how it should be! If only the weather man would read this post lol.

Friday we have a colour challenge for Bellarific Friday, you can get all the details on the bella blog, and believe it or NOT, but my card is already done, woohoo. It was pure luck, I just happened to make a card with those colours before I knew what they were.

I got to get going, it's impossible to type with Jingle on the keyboard every two seconds. I also got to go make some dinner before American Idol starts, hate cooking :-(

Have a great week.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentinerific Friday

Here comes the love bug! It's such a cute little bug this, hey I drove one when I was much younger, a bright yellow one, lol!

Our theme for today was lovey, valentine... So what better image to use than a cute little car with a cute little hubbabugg in it, bringing you love and gifts. The image is lovebeetle huggabugg is from Stamping Bella, and I have finally got to use mine. Who can ever have enough images.

I coloured my image with prismacolor pencils, blended with sansador and cut it with nesties. I got all my inspiration for this card from my friend and fellow DT member Jeanie. She is just so talented, and I loved what she did with the Taylored Expressions sketch challenge #99 and had to try it myself.

I am so pleased it's Friday, it means it's weekend, and weekends mean no work, woohooo!

Do yourself a favour and go on over to the Bella Blog and see what stunning creations everyone has made for today!

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here comes the bride

No! it's definitely not me. I haven't lost it yet, or at least not completely, lol!

One of the guys at the office is getting married, shame poor guy, and we have all contributed some cash for them to spend on whatever their little hearts desire. I think it might go to the honeymoon spending money.

I used Hitchedafellabella from Stamping Bella for this card, and think that it is such a classy image. Who could ask for better. I coloured the happy couple with my prisma pencils, blended it with sansador, then cut it with a craft knife and used my fiskars border punch for the edge. The paper is from Penny Black, I've had it since forever, lol, and am so pleased I finally used it.

Our theme this week for Bellarific Friday is Valentine. I am sure you have all got something Valentine you can share with us, don't say no lol. I have just about coloured my image and was hoping to start working on the card tonight, but right now, as I sit here, I feel nauseous, I am so tired and have such a headache.

I have been woken at 4:30am every morning by none other than little Jingle. For those who don't know, it's my Christmas present from mother nature, the little kitten I adopted. He decides to wake up at that time and climb on my face and then starts biting me. It can't be that he wants food cause there is food out for him. I think he's looking for milk, but he is NOT going to find it by biting me on the nose, ears, cheeks, chin, mouth.... everything gets bitten and it's not gently :-) Yet if you had to see him now, sleeping on my lap like a little angel, you'd think I'm the biggest liar on the planet, rofl.

Alright I'm out of here. Got to get away from the bright screen it's not helping the migraine.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Bellarific Friday

I can't believe a week has gone by already and it's time for another Bellarific Friday. It's gone so quickly that I didn't even get time to post my card this morning.

Our sketch was by Shannanabella, love that, who is sadly leaving us, you'll be missed Shannan. I struggled just a little with the sketch and came up with this version, lol! I used grumpabella, and may I just add that I LOVE this image, it is so me it's not even funny. Although don't tell me I'm grumpy cause that would really make me grumpy.

I coloured her with my prisma pencils, blended with sansador, cut with nesties, added some baubles, and a crocheted flower that my mom made, thanks mom!

Now go on to the Bella Blog and see what everyone else got up to. There are so many entries this week, it's so exciting! Really stunning stuff.

I am very pleased it's weekend again, although I have lots to do. I so don't like it when there's lots to do it interferes with the card making lol.

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who's got gossip

Isn't she a classy gossiper, just like me, lol! Oh no wait I never gossip. This is so unusual though, who still has a telephone with a long cord attached to it. Certainly not me, lol.

So, Gossipabella is from Stamping Bella, and she is one of the more recent additions to the Bella range. I loved her when I saw her and had to have her. Is there any other way?

I coloured her with my prisma pencils, blended with sansador and cut with a nestie. Added some ribbon, gemstones and a little buckle for a change, had them since forever and finally used one, woohoo.

I had such a day today, I discovered a mother cat with her 3 kittens in the gardens at our offices. I tried to catch them but in high heel shoes with white pants and lots of mud it was NOT easy. We've put some food out for them, so I'll keep a look out and hope I can eventually help them. But my heart just breaks, they are so small :-)

That's my take for today, I need to get going, in a hurry, again!


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