Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Always late

That's me, always late! I don't know what it is, but I just cannot seem to shake it. However, this card is definitely not going to be late - yay! My cousin is having a baby in November, and we have provisionally been told there will be a baby shower. So I have started making cards for her. Ain't I good - FOR ONCE. Don't ask Emily about how good I am, for her I am ALWAYS late! Sorry Emily.

I decided on Teddybella for the first card, cause even though she has a gorgeous little teddy in that bag of hers, you can't miss that preggy belly. Funny she even reminds me of my cousin, tall skinny and a big soccer ball under her shirt, lol!

She is fun to colour and clearly being pregnant does not tire her out, looking at that amount of shopping she's done. I would be exhausted, but then again I'm old, lol! I coloured her with my prismas of course, blended with grumtine and added glitter and glaze and all the good stuff that baby cards should have.

The paper is Basic Grey and it's a 6 x 6 pad, which is just perfect for cards! I am so impressed with the person who thought of those. Wish I could get them in other papers too. Okay I guess I could but I buy from Stamping Bella and they not in the shop :-(

Okay got to hurry to finish this post, I am late for work - hehehehe.... there's a new theme for this Bellarific Friday, it's Halloween or Fall, no sketch. Not so hard, except maybe for me cause we don't do Halloween here. I am sure I will come up with something.

Enjoy your Tuesday......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Christmas

That sounds a little bit like bad English, but when you blog you're allowed to 'speak' anyway you like, aren't you!? Well that's what I believe and I am sticking to it, lol!

Bad English or not, I'm just so impressed with myself that I have made a third Christmas card this year, wooo hoooo.... isn't that impressive, yeah okay, probably not. Some of you have probably made 10 or more already, but when one considers I didn't make a single one last year, then it is impressive, so there, LOL!!!

Snowy House, and thank goodness it is not my house that is snowy, was coloured with prismacolor pencils and blended with grumtine. I cut the image with my nesties long rectangle and layered it on 3D foam. I added lots of glamour dust, and lost of clear glaze pen, but my photos never show all these beautiful effects. It looks SO nice in real life. You'll just have to come visit to see for yourself.

I really love this stamp, the house looks so inviting to me. I imagine if it was on my street I would drive past everyday and wonder what it's like inside. To some extent it even reminds me of my house, it's also a double storey, has a double front door, only one chimney though and unfortunately it's not for the fire place but for the built in braai (BBQ), but my house is not that narrow, it's quite a lot wider and at Christmas time, it has a Christmas tree lit up in the one window! It also has a big wall with electric fencing, see, not so cosy! I'll have to try and share a pic at Christmas. Hopefully I remember.

I keep thinking it is Sunday today, thank goodness it isn't!! It is so quiet here, except now the parrots are on a roll, making one hell of a noise. And I can't hear the church bells, so I guess it can't be Sunday. I love weekends when I don't have to wake up with an alarm clock, but this morning some lost soul decided to ring my gate intercom at 6:20, who does that!!!!??? I first looked out the window before I answered, and saw a guy, with a collar and tie, standing next to his car and the boot open. He was delivering a magic box, for Mark!!! What the hell is a magic box, and there is no Mark in this house.... I was so not happy with him. I did manage to sleep another hour, but it was just not the same, know what I mean!

Now I guess I got to end this post, and go play ball with my babies. They have been waiting all afternoon but it has been SO hot, they would've died of heat exhaustion. Even the parrots looked a little dazed by the heat, shame, I gave them each a shower - with a water spray bottle and a very fine mist - not the real shower - lol.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On top of the World!

Don't you love that 'On top of the World' feeling??? I will definitely be feeling it when I get my new order from all the new releases over at Bellaland!!! Oh my hat, have you guys been over to see Emily's blog!!??? If not, don't forget to go have a look (after visiting me of course :-)), there are such great new things, stamps, baubles, lots and lots!!! Only one problem, finding the time to use them all!! LOL!!! But we make time don't we ..... :-)

Ms Addy was coloured with pencils, and blended with grumtine, cut out with, oh no wait, not nesties!!! I didn't use nesties..... unbelievable. The paper is Basic Grey Junebug 6x6" pad which I got last week, and matched my image to the colour of the paper - so much easier than trying to match the paper after colouring! The glass on her glasses were coated with my glaze pen, must get one if you don't have one! Listen to me, you must get one, O.K. lol.

Now I have to run, I have potato bake to make, got to cut my connure's beak - I hate that, the last time I cut a little too much it bled a little and she was upset for a week! But she can't eat properly so I have to do it. If only she would use the calcium perch I got her, instead of just sitting on it. I have to go fetch my dad, he is coming for a braai (BBQ for the foreigners - hehehe), have a shower, oh the list goes on.

Go on to Bella now and get some of those new images! I can't wait to see what everyone creates with them.

Forgot to mention, I am not retired yet, it's a public holiday here today!!! And tomorrow is Bellarific Friday - wooohooo!

Circus is in town

When I saw this image at Stamping Bella, it reminded me of my childhood days and going to the circus. It was always such fun and I imagined circus people have their own secret societies. Now that I'm all grown up, I guess not, they're just ordinary people like the rest of us.

Of course my ideal circus has no animals in it. Animals do not belong in a circus and should never have to have a life of moving around in a cage doing tricks!

My usual trusty little prismas were used to colour this image and I blended it with grumtine as per usual too. I had fun colouring it, not often you would use such bright colours, but when it came to putting the card together, I was somewhat challenged. I did not chose the paper before colouring - BIG mistake!!!

The wavy border was done with my EK Success border punch, I added lots of baubles, LOVE them, and glitter with my quickie glue pen, love that too - I love, love, love all this wonderful crafting stuff!!! - LOL.

But of course I cannot omit to mention this card is for Bellarific Friday!!! Yeah yeah, go see the creations and leave a comment, you might win some Bella bucks!

It's Friday and I have the day off!!! Woooohoooo....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Bella

Of course here I am back to my Bellas, I couldn't drift away for too long! Although I have LOTS of other stamps which are feeling very unused. I am sure when I retire one day that will change, lol!

This Snowman with a birdie on top from Stamping Bella (of course), is one of the new releases from last month. I have just managed to use ONE of the new releases I bought and guess what, Emily is talking of another new release at the end of September. How ever will I cope!!! ... and I am nowhere near retirement yet.

My snowman was coloured with my prisma pencils and blended with grumtine. I really enjoyed colouring his never ending hat. It's a major challenge for me to colour in white, is there anyone else who also struggles with this? I never know where to add a little shading or how much to add. The image was cut out with nesties, and layered on card stock which has been through my cuttlebug. Unfortunately the photo does not show the embossing on the background paper very well, but it has been embossed, honest.

It is strange that even here Christmas is synonymous with snow, yet we have sweltering hot Christmases. I guess that comes from movies and books. It is the one thing most South Africans dream of, a White Christmas, note I said most - that does not include me. I LOVE the hot weather we have in December.

I think there is a party going on in my roof and I wasn't invited. Some birds have nested in my roof again, and I swear it sounds like they are having a disco, there is so much shuffling of little feet going on! I must get the ladder and climb in there so I can see what's potting. I mean they are welcome, as long as they behave.

Now that I have managed two Christmas cards this year, I better get off the computer and go finish the third one I've started. I'm so proud of myself. Wonder if I'll manage more than two, lol!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beauty Queen

So here's something different! I made a card without a Bella stamp. Isn't that unbelievable. I know, I even surprised myself. I am so behind on everything lately, my Bella cards, my blog hopping, my colouring - all of it! It's so sad, I don't like being behind, especially not having seen what you all have been up to. I just don't find the time, and when I do sneak in a little 'blog visiting' I can't leave comments cause it's blocked on my work computer :-(

I am hoping to catch up a little when I finish here.

This stamp is from Stampendous, and I have had it for a very long time, but this is only the second time I've made something with it. It's incredible how I have to have every stamp I lay my beady little eyes on, and yet I will probably never have the time to use them all more than once.

I coloured this one with my prisma pencils, blended it with grumtine and tried something a little different with the way I cut the image and card. I just felt like being a little more creative than usual.

Well I guess I got to get out of here, my dogs' chicken is cooking and I need to go check on it, but before that I REALLY want to go visit a few blogs. I'm bored with mine, lol!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where's the rain

Now that's a question I would like answered. We went straight from winter to summer, and have had no rain, although I think the Jo'burg rain season starts only a little later, BUT that does not mean I cannot wish for rain! My garden is so dry, and I water it every second day, and the poor little plants are calling me names while I sleep at night - I'm sure of it, lol!

Why am I always talking about the weather, don't they say when people have nothing to talk about they talk about the weather. Nah that can't be cause I have stuff to tell you. Important stuff! Keep reading.

First about the card, of course. I coloured cosmobella here, with prismacolor pencils, and blended it with grumtine. Then I cut her out with nesties and layered her on 3D foam. I added some glitter with my quickie glue pen and a bit of highlights to the glass and her buckle and shoes with my glaze pen. Not much more I can say, unless of course I missed something, but then please leave me a comment or a question in my chat box!

Now... what else. Did you know that Stamping Bella has a new release coming 28 September - is that exciting or what!!!??? Okay, I know, it means a little dent in your wallet, but look at the bright side, you'll have more rubber to play with. How can that not be a good thing. Keep watching the Bella Blog for news.

If anyone is interested, go check these video, the first for tying a knot and the second for tying a bow. I got it from Linda's blog, and I have found it helped me SO much. Not that I have used any yet, lol.

Lastly, don't forget to check the Bella Blog a little later for B-e-l-l-a-r-i-f-i-c F-r-i-d-a-y!! You can win Bella bucks if you leave a comment. So go now, wait, only if you've finished visiting me of course.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Bella?

Of course! LOL! I have another Bella card to share with you, and I must say these two really leave no doubt in my mind that summer is back. We had a cooler weekend, and the evenings are still 'coolish', but other than that, it is WARM! So guess what, no more moaning from Meahni about how cold it is. Ain't ya all please!!!

I coloured the Javabellas with my prisma pencils and blended it with grumtine. The image was cut out with nesties, and layered on 3D foam. I added some highlights with my glaze pen, a bit of glitter here and there and that's it, card done. Such classy ladies if you ask me :-)

Now don't forget to join in this week for Bellarific Friday, it's fun, come on!!! Be warned if you join once you'll be hooked and you will not want to miss another one.

The sketch is on the Bella Blog if you want to go and see it, and it is so much more simple than some of the challenges I set, lol! Thanks Dana, I have already made my card and it was so quick and fun to put together.
Off to work I go, the 'joys' of life that get in the way of our crafting!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Monday!

I don't know about the rest of you, but somehow, It's Monday, just doesn't sound a great as It's Friday! I think Mondays should be banned, lol!

I haven't had a chance to post my Bellarific Friday card, and I actually still don't have a chance, but I decided to do it now, even though it's going to make me SO late for work :-)

My two little friends Ella and Looloo from Stamping Bella of course, were coloured with prismas and blended with grumtine. Do I still need to say that in every post, I think I need auto text on blogspot so it adds it for me automatically, hehehe. The image was cut with nesties and layered on 3D foam. I also added two little baubles, which I really like a lot. In fact if I could I would probably add them to every card I make!

I know I am really behind time, but just in case you have not been to the Bella blog yet, do go and check out all the beautiful entries and remember if you leave a comment you could win Bella bucks!

I'd love to chat some more and tell you about my weekend, but I really am very late and have to rush. I will be back soon though, as I have other cards to share! They can't wait to be posted, lol!

Have a great week!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer's here!!!

I have seen this little image on my fellow design team's blogs several times, and every time I fell more in love with it. LOL - is it possible to fall in love with a stamp..... Anyhow, I just had to have it and couldn't wait to use it.

I guess generally one would use different colours for Daisy VW, something more hippie like, but I thought the image went so well with my paper that I ended up using somewhat different colours to the norm.

This VW was coloured with my prismas of course and blended with grumtine, cut with my nestie and placed on 3D foam. I added some clear glaze for highlights with my Sakura glaze pen, and some crack glaze to the lights. It's an old vehicle so it's allowed to have cracked lights.

Back to the subject of this post! SUMMER IS BACK!!! I cannot tell you all how happy I am, but I somehow get the feeling you already know. And no more moaning from moaning Meahni, hahaha. We went straight from winter to summer, I am not complaining, but we jumped right over Spring. Now all we need is a little rain, my water bill is sky high already, and I need to save for my next Bella order, lol!

Talking about Bella, don't forget it's Bellarific Friday tomorrow and it's my sketch again. Looking forward to getting a sketch from someone else, then I'm allowed to moan if it challenges me as much as my own did ;-)

See you all tomorrow at the Bella post! LOL!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm b-a-a-a-a-a-ck

.... did you miss me, hehehehe!!! Okay, maybe no-one noticed but I was in Cape Town for two days last week, which stole just about ALL my crafting time. I am definitely planning on catching up this afternoon. I've done all my DIY around the house, on that topic, is it just me who always have things around the house to fix, or do the rest of you also do, or is it the fact that there is no man here to do it for me?? That might be it, LOL!

I have something a little unusual today, Daisy Lamp, from Stamping Bella. I'm not sure if it's a lamp or a pot plant gone wrong, but it's funky and fun, and once in a while it's great to do something unusual. For me at least.

I coloured the image with prisma pencils and blended it with sansador, then cut it with my nesties and layered it on 3D foam. I was not planning on using a green / blue combo, but when I started looking for card stock to go with my design paper I saw there was a little bit of blue in the DP. I only then added the blue to the lamp shade and voila, a blue and green card. And I must say, I really like it.

I have a busy week ahead of me. My mom is away on holiday (again :-)), which usually means I have so much more to do at home, especially when it comes to food. No-one to cook me dinner, damn, and I so looove the kitchen - NOT.

I think I might have to steal a little of my crafting time for a 30 minute nap. I didn't sleep well last night, my house alarm went off about an hour after I went to bed. Boy did it confuse me when I woke. Well of course I got the fright of my life, as it could only mean that someone is breaking into my house! But luckily that wasn't the case, I think it must've been a moth or something that set the sensor off. I was never afraid if my alarm went off, but since my house was robbed, while I was sleeping upstairs, I get really scared. My poor little heart just about jumps right out of my chest. It's not fun at all.

Anyhow, enough of my waffling, all is okay, and I am off to practice my bow and knot tying. I just watched the videos Linda has linked up on her chat box, and it is oh so helpful!


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