Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Babyshower II

It seems there's a baby-boom at my office. This card is for baby-shower number two. Hmm, come to think of it, I don't think there is another after this one. Maybe there isn't a baby-boom after all.

This little image was also sent to me by Paula, speaking of Paula PLEASE go and check her latest Ketto creation. OMG!!! I know, I know, I said this the last time, but it's not my fault she just keeps out doing herself.

There's not too much to tell about this card. I only did a tad of colouring, with my lyras of course, and then just used all sorts of stuff from my stash. The stork and the mat behind it are both raised, it's somewhat visable from the shadow in the image.

On a different note, I have to confess that I finally ordered some Stamping Bellas and Magnolias. I just couldn't resist it anymore. I decided if I end up being unemployed, at least I'll be happy with my stamps! Does that make any sense.

Oh and if anyone was thinking of getting any Lyras, they are available from Stamping Bella.

Have you seen the latest challenge by them? It's pretty cool, all sorts of delicious colours, pink, yellow, green, orange. I'm considering doing it seeing there is a two week window this time. I'm slow remember :-)

That's it for today. Gonna go watch our one an only local craft show! Whohooo!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diva Mandy

Finally after a weekend of struggling with my poor baby being so sick, I managed to finish one card. Simby, my little Jack Russell has been sick since Wednesday last week. I've had her in and out of the vet, but today finally she seems to be getting better. She wanted to sit on my lap the whole time while she was sick, she never does that. It's very difficult to make cards with a little Simby on your lap so I ended up in front of the TV most of the time.

Anyhow, this card is for a colleague who wanted something special for his wife, Mandy. Seeing that she's forever getting speeding tickets, I figured this is just the image for her. The card was supposed to be more yellow, as her favourite colour is yellow, but somehow the green snuck in there and managed to stay :-)

I see the diva on the charm is not too clear, but that's what it says on there - specially for diva Mandy.

The image is one which Paula sent me, my mentor, teacher, idol whatever you want to call her, in card making. She has got me hooked on Stamping Bella, do yourself a favour, go and check her latest Stamping Bella with the Ketto range. OMG it is so tempting to just go out and buy some!

I coloured the image with my lyras and blended it with Sansador. The sentiment is my one and only from Elzybells.

I hope she likes her card, if not, hubby might have to get another - more yellow hopefully - hahaha.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, I'm off to watch the movie which started 20 minutes ago.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby shower

No thank goodness it is not me!

We're having a baby-shower for a girl at the office. Funny when she first fell pregnant, we couldn't tell and thought maybe she had one hamburger too many over Christmas, but it turned out she was very pregnant (is there a degree to pregnancy :-)), and as time goes by so fast, she'll be going on maternity leave soon.

Monday's her shower at the office and tomorrow we're going to get her something. I'm actually the worst person to send as I so know nothing about babies! Give me 4 legged ones rather.

This image was sent to me by the lovely crazy fun loving Paula! I just love Stamping Bella, and even considered buying some today, I was on the site, but we heard some bad rumours that our office might close, so I decided not to spend any money for now :-(((

I coloured it with my lyras and blended with Sansador. The charm is a little cherub hanging over the moon, and I was quite happy to use it, as I have enough beads to start my own shop. I never do any beading - bad bad bad!

I have to share, that my aunt and cousin were over the moon with their 21st cards! It's always so great when people are happy with what you made for them.

Hey did anyone see the blog hop today over at My favourite things. So cool, I love these hops. I hate it when they end though. If you keen to do the hop, start here at Kim's blog. MFT have released a new set of stamps, that's what the hop is all about.

That's all for today. I now have another baby shower card to do, also for a colleague - the baby boom must be going on there, and a birthday card for a collegue's wife!

Have fun!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Turning 21

Can you remember when you turned 21! Mine is so long ago, I don't even want to try and remember - lol.

My cousin, Carol's, best friend, Amy, is having her 21st birthday party this weekend. It turns out Amy has a colour theme for her party, so each table has it's own colour. My aunt's colour is orange, see the orange card below. Believe it or not, but she had to have a dress made as she couldn't find a formal 'orange' dress anywhere. Carol's colour is purple, thus the purple card further down.

Carol asked me to make a card with unicorns and rainbows, I think the rainbow has something to do with the different colours? Who knows. Now who has a unicorn stamp, certainly not me. I was going to try avoid this one, but decided to search the net, and to my surprise I found the most gorgeous unicorn image. Jordan Greywolf, was kind enough to let me use his image. Isn't she so beautiful.

I know it's not often you'll run into a purple unicorn!!! I printed the image off onto white card stock, coloured it with my lyras and blended as usual with Sansador.

The rainbows I incorporated through the gemstones and beads. They are all sorted in the colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple - or in reverse as I've put it on the card. It is somewhat visible on the photos below.

They were great fun to make, but it took a lot of time and a lot of my little creative juices. In the end I am quite happy with the outcome.

That's about it for today, House V starts tonight and I haven't even caught up on the last season I recorded. I am so bad with this stuff. Think I might just skip it and start tonight, hopefully not too much has changed.

Card number 5 - hallelujah!

Drum roll........ here it is! The final and last of the 5, yes 5 male cards I had to make.... I know, you've heard it all before.

This one is for a friend of mine who lives in the UK. He bought me my very first Nestabilities for my birthday last year. His request was to get a card made with it so he could see what it was all about. I had all the good intentions of making one sooner, but I didn't and seeing it's his birthday next week, now is such a good time.

We also talk about our dogs a lot. He told me last week that he was looking at adopting two German Shepherds. I've got my fingers crossed for them! Anyhow, I thought this Elzybells stamp was just perfect for this occasion.

I made the collar myself, and probably could've done a bit more by hanging a sentiment off it, which could've looked like the dog's name tag. Oh well, maybe next time.

The image was coloured with my lyras..... oh yes before I forget, I bought the last 26 lyras for my set today! It cost quite a pretty penny, but I'm so excited now to have the complete set of 78. (A lot of greens in there.)

That's it for now, next post the 21st cards I made - all day yesterday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Male card No:4

Slowly but surely the end is getting near. I've completed 4 of the 5 male cards, which by the way were supposed to be finished by last weekend :-)
This one is for my brother in law, as well, but this time it's from me. I'm only 5 days late!! I don't even have a present for him. I guess I can still get away with that being late, but the card, from a person who makes cards. At least didn't buy one - hehehe. Well done for admitting it Mar .

The image is from Sugar Nellie, Hamish in kilt, thanks Debbi I got that off your blog. This is another of the images Debbi sent me, and it was just so handy as I don't know what to use for these male cards anymore. Oh and look I managed to get away from green for a change!

My sentiment looks out of focus and
blurry, I promise it's not in real life.

I coloured it with my lyras and blended with Sansador again. The sentiment is from Micia.

Off I go to start the last male card. Actually I have already coloured the image, I just have to put it all together - in a flash - I doubt that :-(

Have a great evening.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another male card

Three down two to go.

Here's the third of the 5, yes 5 male cards I have to do. I'm starting to run out of ideas and 'male' stamps. Can somebody else please make a male card so I can just copy it :-)))

I stamped the image in Stazon black, and sprinkled a little embossing powder only where I wanted it. Then coloured it with the lyra's and put some glaze on it.

This one is going all the way to Zurich, Switzerland, so I hope it gets there in one piece.

That's all for today. Don't forget to check the Bellarific Friday results for the challenge results. That DT is fantastic.

Off to work I go!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I did it again

Somehow I managed to make the same mistakes again and again... and we're supposed to learn from our mistakes, but clearly I don't. I rather repeat mine.

This card is for, wait for it, my 51 year old brother in law! Yip, you heard (or is that read) right, he's 51 today. Oh never mind that it's his birthday today and the card is only finished now.... It looks like a card for a young kid, instead it's for a 51 year old man. And it doesn't matter that he's a young 51 - it's still not really appropriate for his age.

Why do I keep doing that. I really have good intentions when I start out.

The card is done now, and I don't have time, I am sure you saw my comment earlier that it was his birthday today, to make another one. Besides I have 3 more male cards to do. I said it before and say it again, men shouldn't be allowed birthdays :-)

Okay I've bitched enough, but I had to let some steam off. I stamped the same image 3 times (I think it's by Exchangeable Clear Stamper), then coloured it with lyra pencils, blended it and put it through my brand new nestabilities template. Man were they expensive, but I am so happy with them.

Talking about the nestabilities, I have to share that you guys in the UK and the States are very lucky. The manufacturing company wasn't interested in exporting to South Africa, they said they generate enough sustainable business from the US and UK! isn't there supposed to be an economic crisis?

That's it for now. Wait one more thing, although I think it is old news by now. Have you seen the new Ketta range stamps from Stamping Bella. They are just great! If you want check their blog for some designs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day!

As the saying goes, Romes wasn't built in a day, so goes my card making. Here's one of the 5 male cards I was supposed to make this weekend. It is almost midnight, Sunday night, and I made one whole card.

I am sure I mentioned before that I am slow. See I wasn't telling any lies.

This card is for a colleague who is turning 40, quite obvious I think, if you looked at the card of course.

I coloured the fat cat with Lyra's and blended it with Sansador. I also did some 3D for a change, but I don't think that is too obvious on the photo.

I really have to head to bed now, or I'll be very grumpy tomorrow and too tired tomorrow night to attempt the next card. (I think men shouldn't be allowed birthdays...)

Friday, March 6, 2009

and Finally here it is....

Now do I take my time or what!? It is not intentional, it is just that I have too little time.

I got this wonderful card and images from Debbi a few weeks ago, but with all that happened in my life the past weeks and then the fact that I just didn't get round to taking the pics, I never got to sharing this with you all.

Look at this cute card/wallet she made me!

.... and look at all the images, I didn't even include them all. I've already used 2 of them, and loved them.

Thanks Debbi, oh and if you have time go check her latest Gorjuss girls creation on her blog, it is too cute.

I know, I'm not very productive lately, but it's just one of those weeks were I can't keep my eyes open at 7pm.

Tomorrow I'm off to our hobby exhibition. I can't wait, it's my favourite event of the year. Hopefully I don't spend too much money and even more hopefully, there are lots of really nice goodies to buy.

Till next time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sisterhood Award!

Thanks Debbi for considering me and cheering me up!

I was a bit slow posting my award, but as per my previous post, all good things come to those who wait.. or something like that.

This was all I had to share for today. I have not started with my 4 male cards I have to make, probably because it's so not exciting to have to make 4 male cards :-( Anyone want to volunteer to do it for me!?

Well that really was short and sweet, I have got to go do my babies' dinner and then watch my favourite show of all time American Idol - Simon Cowell for President - hahaha.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

All good things...

My aunt's birthday was on 20 February :-) I finally finished her birthday card tonight. Luckily I have not seen her, so she'll hopefully never know.

This is a Penny Black stamp I coloured with my lyra's. I wanted to try something a bit different to the usual square I've been doing a lot lately. Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the 'fold' nicely, and I was too tired to struggle with photographs at this time of night.

I also made a little pocket on the one side for the gift voucher she'll be getting.

I hope she likes it. She's the aunt who is always asking me for cards, now she's getting one herself.

The next card funny enough is also for my aunt, but it's for a friend's daughter. See, she is always asking me for cards.

I used another of the images Debbi sent me. It just jumped out at me. I can only assume it's a Sarah Kay stamp, as it says Sarah Kay on it. Sorry, but I'm not fortunate enough to own any.... Luckily for my friends out there who share with me, I had the fortune of getting to use one of these great images.

The image was also coloured with Lyra's and blended with Sansador. Added a bit of ribbon and flowers for a change, oh and some bling to her hat.

I guess I should be off to bed, tomorrow is work again. I couldn't face work the past few days, after I lost Shado. I suppose I have to face the world again tomorrow.

Enjoy and hope to hear from you all out there.

Image swap

I can quite honestly say the past 2 weeks have been the worst time of my life. It is over now, and I miss my Shado dearly, but I know she is in Heaven, safe and sound.

I recently did an image swap with fellow crafters, Debbi and Nikki. I have not wanted to post the wallets I made for them, as I didn't want to spoil the 'surprise' :-)

Debbi has received her images, but I have not heard from Nikki, so I sincerely hope they got to her.

Here are the wallets I made for them.

This one went to Debbi....
..... and this one to Nikki.

I sure hope they can use the images and I can't wait to see some of their creations. It can only inspire me and give me loads of ideas.

That was all I had to share for today. Have a great Sunday!


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