Friday, March 6, 2009

and Finally here it is....

Now do I take my time or what!? It is not intentional, it is just that I have too little time.

I got this wonderful card and images from Debbi a few weeks ago, but with all that happened in my life the past weeks and then the fact that I just didn't get round to taking the pics, I never got to sharing this with you all.

Look at this cute card/wallet she made me!

.... and look at all the images, I didn't even include them all. I've already used 2 of them, and loved them.

Thanks Debbi, oh and if you have time go check her latest Gorjuss girls creation on her blog, it is too cute.

I know, I'm not very productive lately, but it's just one of those weeks were I can't keep my eyes open at 7pm.

Tomorrow I'm off to our hobby exhibition. I can't wait, it's my favourite event of the year. Hopefully I don't spend too much money and even more hopefully, there are lots of really nice goodies to buy.

Till next time.

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weewiccababe said...

glad you like them - can't wait to see what you do with the rest of them. I promise to try and do something with some of the ones you sent me soon.
And have the fun at the hobby exhibition - there's one this weekend in Glasgow, but as Graham's offshore i didn't think it would be a great odea to go on my own with the 3 kids - i'd end up banned lol


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