Sunday, June 21, 2009

The crocheted flower

Finally here is a card with one of the flowers my mom crocheted for me. She has made quite a few and now even some butterflies, I got the pattern from a link on Bev's blog. I have to tell you I took one look at the pattern for the butterfly and thought there is no way anyone can figure that out (it looked like rocket science stuff to me), but about half an hour after I gave it to my mom she had already crocheted 2 butterflies. Unbelievable!

It's quite ironic that the card I made for my mom to give to my sister ended up with the first flower on it. This is a rose, but she also made forget me nots, daisies, and a few others.

This image & sentiment is from Stamping Bella of course, if you have time go check the results from the last challenge (I'm on there too ;-) ). It seems Paula had most of us stumped with that one, but as usual there are people who are so creative and clever.

I coloured my image with Prismacolor pencils and blended it with sansador and paper stumps. The paper on the right was embossed with my cuttlebug birthday template and the gems are from HeroArts. As usual the image was cut out with nesties, and matted on the scalloped circle.

Got to run, I am going to fetch my dad in a bit so he can come and have lunch with us for father's day. He doesn't like to go out much but accepted my offer this time. And luckily we have a beautiful sunny, even warm, day today.

Enjoy your father's days. Strange that father's day is the same time around the world, but not mother's day....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday... dear Lené...

Bet you're wondering who Lené is. That's my sister, older, only just though, and it's her birthday on the 22nd of June.

I made this card for her and decided to participate in the Bella challenge this week. Paula designed the sketch and I think it's a GREAT sketch, BUT of course when I started putting my card together last night, I struggled, forever. I had all these amazing ideas in my head, but when it came to the action, nothing wanted to work out. In the end I decided on cutting my image, in four! Have any of you ever spent a looooong time colouring in an image, then really liking it, and then cutting it to pieces!!!??? I tell you it is nerve wrecking. I am quite pleased with how this turned out though, so I guess my complaining will have to end here.

The image was coloured with my prismacolor pencils and blended with paper stumps and sansador. I added some liquid crystal to the snail's body, seeing snails are shiny and slimy I had to have that. And there's glitter added here and there. The image was cut out with my nesties and layered on foam tape.

I love this little bug from Stamping Bella, the sentiment is from them too. The stamp actually comes with its own little sentiment, which says Snail Mail. {Perfect for a belated birthday card}.

I must tell you all about the drama we had here on Monday. There was a robbery at the house on the corner, one block away from me. There was a lot of shooting and the police helicopter (they chase them by helicopter as it's obviously quicker and easier), and SO many police cars in one place. I cannot tell you. Apparently 4 robbers were shot, but I am not sure if they were killed and if it was only the robbers who got shot. This is part of our everyday lives here, so it won't be in the news where I can read more about it. Tomorrow there will be another similar incident elsewhere. Too many to cover. (The Wild West was nothing in comparison to what we have here.)

Now, I sure hope my sister does not look at my blog before Monday. I don't think she will, but with my luck it just might happen.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Father's Day

As mentioned previously, here is the little teddy on the chair! The stamp I just had to have and couldn't wait to colour up. I LOVE these Elzybells bears!!! They are the best! Oh and they are having 10% discount for the entire month of June, so if you like these bears as much as I do and have to have them, now it probably a good time to get them.

This card is for a friend's dad. My dad isn't lucky enough to get a card... hehehe. Not because I don't want to, it's a bit like the panel beater with the beaten up car. Know what I mean.

I coloured Mr Bear with my Lyra pencils and blended it with Sansador and paper stumps of course. I have two type of paper stumps, the one set is a lot softer than the other and they are so much nicer. I am not expert in stumps and don't even know what make these are as they all came in clear unlabelled packets, but certainly the softer the better - for me at least. While I'm on the colouring subject, the paper I used here was a sample I ordered from Elzybells, they stock paper for colouring now too. I cannot tell you how amazing this paper is for colouring with pencils. I was in heaven while colouring this ;-)

Don't you just love that little sentiment. It is also from Elzybells and inside I stamped Take It Easy, perfect with Mr Bear here. Another sentiment from them.

Now for the best news today, my Bella order arrived. Okay, the second one, they had to reship :-((( But I am so happy I got it! I am definitely stamping out some of those images tonight and am hoping to participate in the challenge for next week. I've not had a chance to do that for a few weeks now.

Here comes the moaning part of this post.... IT IS FREEZING HERE!!!! Okay admitted it was a little warmer today than the past week. We had constant rain, and that is so unusual for Johannesburg winters. Today was lovely and sunny, but still cold. I HATE winter, just a reminder in case anyone has forgotten or didn't know - LOL!

Righto, I'm off to go and feed my babies, I'm probably going to have to play ball first. Then some colouring. My mom is back from holiday today and she's babysitting my nieces tonight - I'm so glad she's back or it would've had to be me :-)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty in pink

I am going to be short and sweet tonight, well actually the little image on the card is the sweet one here. I am so not sweet - okay when I have to be ;-)

This birthday card was for a friend at the office, she needed one for her niece. I was lucky cause I had this little girl half coloured up and seeing it was short notice, a half coloured image was better than no image at all. And I managed to finish it in time for the card to be posted.

I coloured the image with my prismacolor pencils, blended it with sansador and paper stumps, cut out with and mounted on nesties. The sentiment is from Stamping Bella and the little bear from Elzybells. There's a bit of glitter on the daisy and bow, but it doesn't show, as usual.

That's it for now... I never did get to colour anything last night, but tonight I am colouring another precious little Elzy stamp, for a father's day card. Snoozing Ted, he is irresistible and I had to have him as soon as I saw him.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm back, with Father's Day

Did you miss me...

I said I was coming back after Grey's and here I am to share some Father's day cards.

These stamps are from the set Debbi sent me, isn't that nice of her. I was over the moon and still don't know how to thank her.

I love this little set and it's perfect for male cards. Debbi please advise where they're from, I am not sure now and don't want to post the wrong info.

I coloured them with my Prismacolor pencils and blended with Sansador. The images were cut out with nesties, what else. Is there any other way these days to cut out an image??? I LOVE Nestabilities, that could've been one of the 10 things I could've said about myself. See I told you it will come to me when it's too late.

These papers are all free downloads from Summertime Designs, isn't it gorgeous! Do go and visit, the kits are free for personal use but you can also make a donation if you so wish. The money goes to a good cause.

Have you been to see the Elzybells specials? Discounts, special bundles, new release coming soon, lots to get so excited about just like I am. Oh, my Elzy order arrived on the weekend. You have no idea how happy I was. I have already stamped out some of the images and am going to colour some up when I finish here.

It is SO cold tonight, and there's going to be snow on the mountains again tomorrow! MORE cold weather. It's awful. We had such a beautiful warm sunny weekend and now this. The wind is blowing as if the devil is chasing it and is causing me a lot of stress worrying about the poor birds in the trees. I hope it dies down soon. We even had rain today... rain in winter is so not normal for Johannesburg.

I have been so busy at work and too cold in the evenings to come and use my PC. I have not had much time to visit any blogs, but please don't forget about me. I will come and visit soon and check out all your beautiful creations.

Off I go to colour....


Look I got awards, from Debbi, thanks Debz! Glad to see you still find time for us all, now you are so popular :-)

Here's the second, thanks again Debbi.

The Rules that go with this lovely award are to:
A) Thank the person that gave it to you.
B) List 10 Honest things about yourself.
C) Put the Honest Scrap Logo on your blog
D) Select 7 other bloggers that you think deserve this award.

Here are 10 honest things about me:
  3. I hate winter
  4. I am a very fussy eater
  5. I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat
  6. I wish I had a farm full of animals - any kind of animal
  7. I love dancing
  8. I HATE mornings
  9. I'm ticklish
  10. I love blog hopping

I struggled with that one. I would've thought I know myself a lot better, but I'll probably think of lots of things when I leave my computer.

I am off to watch Grey's Anatomy, I'll be back with the father's day cards I made.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ballerina again

Here I am again, with my second little ballerina. This is a general little card, with no home yet, but I so wanted to use the second ballerina that I coloured up I just had to make something quickly.

I have seen this little round style card on various blogs in the past and have been dying to try it. I think my image might have been just a bit too big, but I made it nonetheless. The card does stand on it's own, I held it by hand so the image and ribbon didn't look all skew :-))

It was coloured with my prisma colour pencils, and cut out with nesties. All the cut outs were done with my round or scalloped nesties.

The inside was also cut with my round nestabilities template and I tried the method described on the package to make a card base with a nesties template. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought :-)

I am VERY sad to share with you that the whales were all euthenased. They managed to get some back in the sea, but the whales kept turning around and swimming out to the beach. They decided to rather put them to sleep than to allow them to suffer further. It seems that a navigation error on the whale's part caused them to do this, but I am pretty sure it is some man made intervention that caused it.

If you haven't yet been to the Elzybells blog or website, do go and have a visit. They are having some really great specials for June. There will also be a new release in June - so much exciting stuff happening....

My next stop, father's day cards... just a pity neither my Elzy nor Bella stamps have arrived yet. It seems they might have been lost in the post... I have had sleepless nights for the last 3 nights worrying about my orders. It sucks!


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