Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Father's Day

As mentioned previously, here is the little teddy on the chair! The stamp I just had to have and couldn't wait to colour up. I LOVE these Elzybells bears!!! They are the best! Oh and they are having 10% discount for the entire month of June, so if you like these bears as much as I do and have to have them, now it probably a good time to get them.

This card is for a friend's dad. My dad isn't lucky enough to get a card... hehehe. Not because I don't want to, it's a bit like the panel beater with the beaten up car. Know what I mean.

I coloured Mr Bear with my Lyra pencils and blended it with Sansador and paper stumps of course. I have two type of paper stumps, the one set is a lot softer than the other and they are so much nicer. I am not expert in stumps and don't even know what make these are as they all came in clear unlabelled packets, but certainly the softer the better - for me at least. While I'm on the colouring subject, the paper I used here was a sample I ordered from Elzybells, they stock paper for colouring now too. I cannot tell you how amazing this paper is for colouring with pencils. I was in heaven while colouring this ;-)

Don't you just love that little sentiment. It is also from Elzybells and inside I stamped Take It Easy, perfect with Mr Bear here. Another sentiment from them.

Now for the best news today, my Bella order arrived. Okay, the second one, they had to reship :-((( But I am so happy I got it! I am definitely stamping out some of those images tonight and am hoping to participate in the challenge for next week. I've not had a chance to do that for a few weeks now.

Here comes the moaning part of this post.... IT IS FREEZING HERE!!!! Okay admitted it was a little warmer today than the past week. We had constant rain, and that is so unusual for Johannesburg winters. Today was lovely and sunny, but still cold. I HATE winter, just a reminder in case anyone has forgotten or didn't know - LOL!

Righto, I'm off to go and feed my babies, I'm probably going to have to play ball first. Then some colouring. My mom is back from holiday today and she's babysitting my nieces tonight - I'm so glad she's back or it would've had to be me :-)


weewiccababe said...

freezing?? its basically sumer time here and I just added the weather gadget on my desktop for Johannesburg and you are exactly the same temp as us right now. And I'm wandering around with a t-shitrt on lol
beautiful card Meahni, love the colour scheme you've used
have a great weekend

Riet said...

Wowwww Meahni,what a beautiful card,l love the image and colours.
So gorgeous papers.

Hugs Riet.x

Tanmo said...

Such a sweet card! love that little bear! xx

paula said...

He is just beautifully colored Meahni!! I love that nestie and don't have that one yet... I also like the sentiment too! I guess it's time to get my card sent out, I almost forgot! lol
So, what is the temp you are crying about over there...75, 80?

louisec said...

What a beautiful bear and so nicely colored! You are almost convincing me to go buy some at 10% off.... I love the girl bear you did before and this one is adorable!

Sending you a few rays of sun from Montreal! It was very hot today!! and our air conditioning is broken... :(

Oh and cute background paper too!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet card. I love this lil bear. I just want to smoosh him. Your coloring is lovely (again). I've enjoyed checking out your blog.


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