Monday, August 31, 2009

Hopefully it's not swine flu

I feel like I haven't posted anything in ages, yet I did on Friday last week. Amazing how quickly the time goes and some times on it Monday it can feel like it's been FOREVER since Friday! I guess that's cause Friday is such a cool day! It's the start of the weekend, it means it's Bellarific Friday, hey, talking about Bella Friday, don't forget to go check Emily's blog tomorrow to see the latest sketch! It will be great to see you all participate!

When I look at poor Feelabella with her box of tissues, I can't help but think hopefully she doesn't have swine flu! Flu is bad enough, to have to worry about getting tested for swine flu, must be a real pain.

I guess it's quite obvious I coloured her to match the paper. I was so excited when I went through all my paper to find this one as it matched her bed sheet so well, BUT I also thought, hey look at those colours, isn't that just so like ***I'm feeling sick, yew***!!! Well that's what came to my mind, lol!

Feelabella was coloured with my prisma pencils and blended with grumtine. The sentiment comes with her and I stamped it with stazon ink directly on to the ribbon.

That's about all there is to tell about this one, I'm off to do a bit of colouring.

Hopefully I get all my posts in this week, I have to go to Cape Town on a business trip and I'm so not excited. I would much rather stay home, but it's one of those things I guess.

Have a great week!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I did it!

I can't believe it myself, but I managed to make a Christmas card! AND it's early.... not last minute, which is usually the case for me. I was determined this year to make Christmas cards, even if it is only one! Hopefully I will manage a few more, but let me not promise anything, lol.

When I realised I needed a reasonably long thing image for this week's Bellarific Friday sketch, I was like, oooooops, I don't have such an image, what am I gonna do. I searched threw my images and stamps and eventually came across this little beauty. I was so pleased!

Santa's Birdhouse was coloured with my pencils, prismas this time, and blended with grumtine. Then cut out with nesties and placed on 3D foam. I added some glitter with my quickie glue pen, which looks really nice, but not all that visible on the pic :-( I wanted to add some ribbon, cause Christmas and ribbons go hand in hand, for me at least, but I felt the card would've been a bit too busy. I also realised I do not have a single Bella Christmas sentiment - can you believe it!!!??? I couldn't I was sure I had lost them, but no, I have never ordered any. Do I need to even mention what's gonna be in my next order??? LOL!!

I can't believe it's a week since I sat here and posted my last Bellarific Friday card, and again I am going to be late for work. But life has priorities, and on a Friday morning Bella Friday is much more important than getting to work on time, hehehe.

I can't wait for Emily's post later to see what everyone has done with this sketch of mine. And don't forget, if you didn't manage to make something in time, leave a comment you can still win some bucks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No fishing for me

I don't like to fish, and I don't eat fish, I so much prefer they get left in the water right where they belong. However, it seems Staceyfishabella does not agree with me and boy is she ready to go catch a fish.

I had absolutely no-one in mind when I coloured her up, nor do I know who this card will ever go to, but one thing I do know, she is just super cute and I love her. Even though I don't agree with her fishing ways, lol!

I coloured her with no, wrong, not prisma pencils, but with my Lyra pencils. Only to see if my Lyras still worked, haha. And they did! I cut the image out with my craft knife and then 3deed her, I don't think there is such a word, nonetheless I am using it, with clear silicone. I like to use silicone for this effect as it gives you so much flexibility. Just don't squish it before it's dry, then you have a problem....

The mat behind the image was cut with nesties, and then mounted on 3D foam. I like that, is it becoming obvious???

Did you see there's a new sketch for Friday! I am sure you have all seen it by now, but in case not, here it is, and a link to the Bellablog for all the details. I hope you will all join in this week, it's such fun to see what everyone has done with the sketch, how they are all so different, it's just amazing.

Aaaaand I know I've said this before, but I'm saying it again for any newbies out there, you can win bella bucks if you participate, in fact you can even win just by leaving a comment on the Bellarific Friday post! See why I keep nagging!

Monday, August 24, 2009

When last did you ride a bike

Sadly I cannot tell you when last I rode a bike. Excluding a stationary bike! That I rode a lot, I was super fit and didn't miss a spinning class to save my life, however, I don't anymore... oh boy, I've become a lazy bum, lol!

I love how happy and cheerful i-wish-i-looked-so-good-on-a-bikeabella looks on her bike. She makes it look so easy, and best of all, she makes it look like summer has returned.... hehehe!!!!

I coloured the image with prisma pencils, cut it with my nesties, how else :-) and mounted it on 3d foam. I added some glitter, again with my quickie glue pen - did you get one yet - you must must get one, they are awesome! The precision is just perfect!

The crocheted flower is one of the MANY, and I am not exaggerating when I say MANY, flowers my mom made for me. I think she was on a mission to make enough to last me more than one life time. She made such gorgeous stuff, I wish I could use them all the time, but obviously they don't go with every occasion, but in this case, I thought this flower was just perfect. Don't ya think!??

I am off to be now, it's past my bedtime and I need lots of beauty sleep, or I'm very grumpy, more than usual (lol), the whole day!

Don't forget to go and check the Bella blog tomorrow for this week's sketch! It's fun and you can win bella bucks. Now go on, get those Bella images out! Mine's already coloured up!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday

I'm so pleased it's Friday, not sure why, my week was fine, busy, but fine otherwise. It's just that it's weekend, and I LOVE weekends, lots of time for crafting.

Of course today is Bellarific Friday, lets not forget that. It means we get to see all the great stuff that was done with my sketch. I have to admit, my sketch challenged me a LOT. I didn't think it was going to, it looked such fun and easy, but it wasn't easy at all. I have decided that I don't like sketches, if I ever say I do, ignore me, cause I will probably find one that's easy and the rest will drive me insane, lol.

I coloured the huggabug bedbugg with prisma pencils and added some glitter to the wing with my quickie glue pen. The sentiments are both from Stamping Bella. I love these little huggabugs they are so cute and such fun to colour, and in my view great for any age.

Off I go to get ready for work, late again, but I think that goes without say now :-) At least it's a little warmer today, but NO Linda, not warm enough for shorts, LOL!!!

See you all later at the Bella Blog.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bath time

Here I go again... complaining about the weather, but it's freezing cold again!! And this bubble bath is so inviting. Perfect to warm me up from head to toe...., but I would not be sticking my leg out of the water like that. It would certainly freeze to death.
I tried to get the bubbles to look like real bubbles but I'm not sure the photo shows that. In real life it really does look like bubbles, done with lots of glitter, and I mean lots, and a quickie glue pen of course :-)

Has anybody else noticed that I seem to be stuck in a colour trend lately... dirty pink-burgundy-purple... no!?? Wait you'll see my card on Friday, purple too! This bubble bella from Stamping Bella was coloured with my prismas of course, cut out with nesties and my little cuttlebug and placed on 3d foam.

Here is Friday's sketch, done by none other than myself, the person who was afraid of doing sketches. I think 'designing' them is a lot easier than following them - for me at least. I am seriously sketch challenged. I did my card tonight and man alive, did I struggle, forever and a day, and it's my OWN sketch.

Do try and join us this week, I cannot wait to see what everyone has done with this creation of mine. I love seeing all the ideas from all the talented people out there, and boy are you all talented. For all the details on Bellarific Friday go see Emily's blog.

I am now off to bed, I don't know how to 'speak' anymore, nothing I am typing is making sense. So before I talk anymore nonsense, good night, till next time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bright, sunny and cheerful

When I chose this paper it was with one thing in mind, summer! I can't wait for it to return, and I am hoping this way I am mentally switching into summer and somehow I won't feel the cold, lol! This paper is so summery and bright, I almost forgot that officially we still have winter.

The little turtle is from Stamping Bella, and he's called Turtle tots birthday wishes. Isn't he the cutest thing, I love him! I coloured him with my prisma pencils and blended with grumtine and paper stumps. I had to add glitter, you can't have such a fun image and no glitter, and I used my quickie glue pen to get glitter exactly where I wanted it. That is such a clever invention. Don't you just love it when they keep making new wonderful things for us to go wild with, although there is a down side to that, the effect it has on one's bank balance, lol!

The image and mat were both cut out with nesties, and placed on 3d foam. I glazed the flames of the candles with my glaze pen, it's not visible on the photo, but trust me it looks great in real life.

I don't know why, but today it suddenly dawned on me that it is mid August, where has the year gone. It is unbelievable how quick the time passes and yet I'm always wishing the weekends would come sooner.

Before I go I quickly want to say that Stamping Bella now has free shipping for orders over $55 anywhere in the world! And for orders from $40 - $54.99 shipping is only $4.99. Isn't just perfect! Now you have more to spend on those clever goodies they keep making, hehehe.

Let me get going, the heaters are all on downstairs, and I'm a little cold up here in the study. Not even my dogs followed me upstairs tonight, they just stayed under the blankets and carried on sleeping. Oh and am I pleased my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. There was a garden bird inside my house today, and it made a HUGE mess! Shame the poor thing must've been so frightened. I need a scarecrow for my patio to keep them from coming inside the house LOL.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Party time

This image looks like so much fun to me! She looks like she's on her way to party, and so well dressed for the occasion. That would certainly not be me, for me it's a pair of jeans, no dresses lol.

What I love the most, is how the one glass bends over. I don't think there is such a glass, but that's what is so great about this art, you can do what you want! I love it.

Of course I must add, today is Bellarific Friday, and I can't wait to see Emily's post with all the stunning creations my fellow bella babes have made, and lets not forget the sistahs, looking forward to see what they have been up to too. It's always such a pleasure to look at all the ideas and designs that come from one sketch. Which of course was by our superlific babe Shannan.

I coloured my Winobella with prisma pencils, blended with sansador and paper stumps. The image and mat were cut out with oval nesties and placed on 3D foam. I also glazed the wine bottle and glasses with the sakura glaze pen, but it doesn't show on the photo. (I must take better pictures!) If you don't have one of those pens, you really should invest in one. They are so nice for adding extra touches to your images.

Okay got to run again. Work is waiting, uggggg! I am going to be so late AGAIN! And I have to take some time off to go and renew my car license... now there is something I am not in the mood to do. It is a terrible place to go, disorganised, unhelpful people, long queues, need I say more.

Have a great Friday and don't forget to go check out the Bellarific post later, if you didn't participate you can still win bella bucks by leaving a comment, isn't that nice!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So many babies

When I was at the doctor the other day he told me that on average 1.5 million babies are born every month worldwide! My jaw dropped, I could not believe it. That sure is a lot of babies.

This card here is to celebrate just one of those occasions. A happy couple who recently had a baby boy.

My happy couple from Stamping Bella, were coloured with my Prismacolor pencils, cut out with nesties, and mounted on 3d foam. I added a bit of glitter to the baby's blanket, but it's not visible, again. The sentiment is also from Bella, and I think it is just too clever. I am not very good with quirky clever sentiments, nor can I write nicely like some people I know, so I'm very happy to buy them instead.

That's it for tonight then. I am quite tired, have been the whole week. I've been SO lazy to get up in the mornings, which has resulted in me getting to work late, okay later than my usual late, lol.

Oooooh and just before I go! It is still warm here!!! And I did a 5 day weather forecast for Jo'burg and it's staying for the next 5 days!!!! Isn't that wonderful.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ship ahoy

If you look really carefully you will see the ship in the background of this image, and it's not the titanic cause it's still sailing!

I was quite scared when I decided to colour this image up, okay you might wonder why I bought the the stamp then. Well it just looked so nice and fun, but after I stamped it, I thought, huhmm this is not going to be that much fun. I eventually pulled the image out of storage and attempted it. And voila....., here you have it! It was actually really enjoyable, but that could be because I tried something I learnt the other day. I was watching a craft show, and they were doing fabric painting, the person who was explaining what to do said that you can add a little blue to create a shaded effect on red. I was like what, huh, is that how they do it, I just had to try and you won't believe it, it's like magic. I'm guessing the artists out there (probably not only them), are thinking, isn't that common sense. Well I did not know that, and I was so impressed by the result.

I coloured the image with prisma pencils, and that red is just stunning. I have lots of reds in my lyra set, but not one is actually red, they are either pink or orange. The image and sentiment are both from Micia, which I bought locally at a little craft shop. The wavy border is my EK Success punch used for the first time. There's never enough time to use all my supplies, but I am sure they will eventually get their turn and hopefully more than once, lol!

There's a new sketch for this week's Bellarific Friday, and it's by none other than our Shannanabella, that's so cute! Remember if you participate you could win Bella bucks, to buy Bella goodies, and who wouldn't want some Bella goodies. I know I do, my order shipped today, yippeeeee!

Here's the sketch, see nice and fun and easy! All the instructions are on the Bella blog. Now go on, get started, I know I am. In fact I have my image all coloured up and ready.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make a wish

Did I ever tell you how much I just adore Stella, from Stamping Bella!!!??? I think she is just the most fun loving 'person' you could have on your cards! Look at her, isn't she wonderful!

I always give Stella luscious red lips when I colour her and this case was no exception, but I went over the line just slightly (ssshhhhh don't tell Paula), which I think the photo luckily doesn't show, but I had a good giggle as she reminded of Robert Smith from the Cure, way back in the eighties when its was cool for men to wear make-up. Weren't those just the best times.

Daisy with a Stella on top, was coloured with my prisma pencils and cut out with nesties. I added some glitter and although it wasn't a lot, it reminds me of the Katy Perry song, Waking up in Vegas - get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now....! That's exactly what I had to do. There was glitter everywhere, lol. I also made those lips look a little more special with my clear glaze pen, but it seems my photos do not want to show all the little extras, it's such a pity, cause in real life it looks so nice.

On to some other bloggy stuff. I got two more awards.

The honest scrap award was given to me by both Debbi and Lainy, thank you ladies!!

The conditions of the award are:
I must thank the person/s who gave me the award.
List their blog and link to it.
I must list 10 honest things about myself.
I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog.
I must select at least seven other worthy bloggers & list their links.
I must notify the bloggers of the award.

So here goes, and I know this is going to be a struggle again, I've received this award previous ;-))
  1. I hate winter, although I read on the police information board in my neighbourhood, that crime increases in warm weather, maybe I should change my view on winter, lol.
  2. I'm over the moon that Emily invited me to be a Bellarific Babe.
  3. I don't enjoy reading.
  4. I'm a 'tree hugger' ;-)
  5. I'm not a morning person (at ALL, hehehe).
  6. My family is very important to me.
  7. I want to do more to help animals.
  8. I get impatient easily, but will sit for ours building a jigsaw puzzle, (really big ones, like 9000 pieces)
  9. When I'm hungry, I have to eat immediately.
  10. I'm always right, hehehe.....

Then I was also awarded this circle of friends award, again by Lainy, thanks Lainy, it's too sweet!

The terms of this award are:
Make reference to the award and publish it on my blog.
Share 5 things I like to do.
Share the award with 10 bloggers.
Inform each recipient.

The 5 things I like to do are:

  1. Build jigsaw puzzles
  2. Buy Stamps
  3. Spend time with animals
  4. Stamping
  5. Nothing (lol)

I won't be passing the awards on, as I have now run out of time thinking about all these things about myself. Man it's difficult, unbelievable.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, we have another day off tomorrow. wooohooo!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bellarific Friday

Isn't it great when you wake up and it's Friday! I love that feeling, the only problem is you still have to get out of bed and go to work. Still think we should have 3 day weekends, but clearly there are no politicians reading my blog!

This Friday in particular is a good one for me! But you can read more about that on the Bella blog later today.

This week's sketch was by my, very far away, friend Paula. Even though she made it so nice and easy this time, I still didn't follow it correctly. I tried though, honest, but the split sentiment just didn't want to work for me.

I coloured Grillafella with my prisma pencils, cut the image with nesties and layered it on 3D foam. There's no glitter (I mean it is a guy's card :-)), no glaze pen, nothing more, so what else can I tell you. Ah, the sentiment is also by Stamping Bella, and if you look at many of my previous cards you will see this exact same sentiment, YES it is my favourite. I love the two fonts.

Please forgive me (that sounds like a song ;-)), but I have to talk about the weather AGAIN. It is so nice and warm here, it was 22 degrees Celsius or 71 Fahrenheit! yesterday!!! Wooohooo, summer is coming.... Okay I know Spring first, but still, warm weather is all I am asking. Although I know we will have some more cold spells, which I so am not looking forward to.

Got to go get ready for work, but at least we have a long weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Woofin' it Up

Okay time to own up, who has not been to see the new range of stamps at Stamping Bella!!?? And why not, lol! You really should go have a look, and while you're there check out the specials, lots of nice bargains to be had.

On to my card, which is what this is all about. I just had to have, haven't I said that a million times before, this stamp when I saw it on the Bella site, Woofin' it Up. I LOOOOOOVE dogs, I LOOOOOOOVE animals, and I LOOOOOOVED colouring this image. I recognised what bread each dog was, but I didn't know their exact colouring etc, so, on to google (images), I went and googled them one by one as I coloured them. Thank goodness for the Blackberry. It was rather challenging for me to colour a black scottie so I cheated a little, just to get some dimension in there. I'll have to wait for the masters, Paula and Linda to colour it so I can see how it's really done!

The gang was coloured with prisma pencils, blended with grumtine (just for a change), and cut out with a nestie, yeah even a regtangle shape deserves a nestie ;-) I used my new EK Success punch for the first time. I had seen it used so often, and thought it was a great finish and of course had to have it, see there I go again. Oh the noses of the dogs are all wet and shiny as a dog's nose should be (done with my Sakura clear glaze pen), but the photo doesn't show it, aaaah I'm so sad about that.

Well I cannot believe I have done so many posts this week already, in fact it has been one a day! It's a record for me. But fear not, I will be back tomorrow night, I'm not gonna let you miss me. Okay I know, there are thousands of blogs to visit, which is what I need to do. My google reader has at least 500 unread items!!!

Paula, I think your warm weather got here. It is much warmer today. I am holding thumbs it lasts till the weekend, cause we have a long weekend. Wooohooo, I've not seen one of those in a long time.

Got to run, Gossip Girl is about to start. Shhhh don't tell anyone that I'm THIS old and love to watch GG, hehehe!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girls' night out

Look at these two chickens, how can you not love them. See why I can't eat eggs any more ;-)

My mom's friend Jenni, is turning 80 this weekend, and she said these two ladies are just like her and Jenni when they visit and chat and shop and drink, and all the good things you can do with a great friend! I totally agree, and I think my mom is the one on the right, lol.

I used the Stamping Bella sketch from last week for this card. I have to say, I used to struggle terribly with sketches, but I am starting to like them a lot. If you make sure the image goes with the sketch, which I didn't do in the past, then it is SO much easier to put a card together... especially when you've seen it used.

This image is from Penny Black, the sentiment from Stamping Bella, cut out with a nestie of course. I inked the sentiment with a very light blue chalk ink.

The paper is from Basic Grey, again the 6x6 pad, and the white embossed paper was put through the swiss dot cuttlebug folder.

I've been busy hey? We had terrible weather this past weekend, so I couldn't do any DIY, didn't want to go out for food, actually I got home on Friday from work, parked my car in the garage and didn't take it out again until Monday morning when I had to go to work. That is my perfect weekend!!!

Stamping Bella has a great sketch this week, by none other than Paula, but fear not, it is a sketch for us normal folk this time, it won't give you a huge big headache. So who's going to join me, I am definitely participating. (You can find the sketch here.)

Now I'm out of here, Ellen Degeneres is on and I'm missing it....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Georgina Glamourpuss

Don't you just love that name! I do! It makes me laugh every time I say it out loud.

I'm trying to type this post and eat dinner, when you're hungry dinner takes preference. Especially when it gets cold so quickly. But it's finished now, so the post will get done in no time.

This image is Georgina Glamourpuss from Stamping Bella, and she's been coloured with none other than my little prisma pencils. The baubles, aren't they great, are also from Stamping Bella. I ordered some not so long ago, and boy is it difficult to chose which colour to take. I love them they are such classy embellishments. You'll be seeing more of them soon.

The paper is the new Basic Grey Lemonade collection, 6x6 pad. I really do like these pads, if you haven't got any yet, go get some! Now!!! LOL!!!! Seriously, they should all make them for us card makers.

Now for the sad part of my post. Did any of you know that when chicks are hatched they are seperated, male one side and female the other. The females are kept for laying eggs, the males are gassed to death, cause they have no use for them. I DID NOT know this, and found it out last night. I cannot believe that I am 41 years old and only learnt this now. I was so sad, not only is it madness that they must be killed, but on this show I watched, they uncovered farmers who did such unthinkable things to get rid of them, I am not even going to mention it here. Needless to say, I won't be eating eggs anymore!

Well that is me for tonight, I am off to watch a little TV and do some colouring. Have a great week all.

Beautiful blog award

Look what I got from Debbi. A cute little award. Isn't that nice.

I believe I have to pass this onto 5 other bloggers, so here goes!





Oops, I don't have another to add to my list.... hopefully next time.


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