Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make a wish

Did I ever tell you how much I just adore Stella, from Stamping Bella!!!??? I think she is just the most fun loving 'person' you could have on your cards! Look at her, isn't she wonderful!

I always give Stella luscious red lips when I colour her and this case was no exception, but I went over the line just slightly (ssshhhhh don't tell Paula), which I think the photo luckily doesn't show, but I had a good giggle as she reminded of Robert Smith from the Cure, way back in the eighties when its was cool for men to wear make-up. Weren't those just the best times.

Daisy with a Stella on top, was coloured with my prisma pencils and cut out with nesties. I added some glitter and although it wasn't a lot, it reminds me of the Katy Perry song, Waking up in Vegas - get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now....! That's exactly what I had to do. There was glitter everywhere, lol. I also made those lips look a little more special with my clear glaze pen, but it seems my photos do not want to show all the little extras, it's such a pity, cause in real life it looks so nice.

On to some other bloggy stuff. I got two more awards.

The honest scrap award was given to me by both Debbi and Lainy, thank you ladies!!

The conditions of the award are:
I must thank the person/s who gave me the award.
List their blog and link to it.
I must list 10 honest things about myself.
I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog.
I must select at least seven other worthy bloggers & list their links.
I must notify the bloggers of the award.

So here goes, and I know this is going to be a struggle again, I've received this award previous ;-))
  1. I hate winter, although I read on the police information board in my neighbourhood, that crime increases in warm weather, maybe I should change my view on winter, lol.
  2. I'm over the moon that Emily invited me to be a Bellarific Babe.
  3. I don't enjoy reading.
  4. I'm a 'tree hugger' ;-)
  5. I'm not a morning person (at ALL, hehehe).
  6. My family is very important to me.
  7. I want to do more to help animals.
  8. I get impatient easily, but will sit for ours building a jigsaw puzzle, (really big ones, like 9000 pieces)
  9. When I'm hungry, I have to eat immediately.
  10. I'm always right, hehehe.....

Then I was also awarded this circle of friends award, again by Lainy, thanks Lainy, it's too sweet!

The terms of this award are:
Make reference to the award and publish it on my blog.
Share 5 things I like to do.
Share the award with 10 bloggers.
Inform each recipient.

The 5 things I like to do are:

  1. Build jigsaw puzzles
  2. Buy Stamps
  3. Spend time with animals
  4. Stamping
  5. Nothing (lol)

I won't be passing the awards on, as I have now run out of time thinking about all these things about myself. Man it's difficult, unbelievable.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, we have another day off tomorrow. wooohooo!


Shannan Teubner said...

Girl, now you know the secret as to why I use a song title in my blog posts...I use the song that I sing while I'm making my card! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

Riet said...

What a beautiful card Meahni,i love the image and colours.
So gorgeous papers.

Hugs Riet.x

Karen Motz said...

This is darling! Love your layout and the perfectly placed baubles!

Rene' Sharp said...

Oh, this is such a gorgous card Meahni!! And I wanted to say a HUGE congrats on being chosen as a Bellarific Babe, you must be over the flippin' moon. What a wonderful acheivement, I think that must be one of the most prestigeous Design Teams to be on, so well done. I am dying to get onto a Design Team, so if you hear of any places calling for new Design Team members please give me a shout. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend, I am!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Meahni! I feel like Stella today, It is my B-day. Coloring is awesome and Stella look so real. Congratulations for been invited to be part of the Bellarific team. Thanks for sharing your cards!


Anonymous said...

love your card! I just purchased these blossom dies and love how you used it w/the circle! Stella is over the top cute and colored so perfectly! FUN! I have a Stella "on order" - can't wait for her to arrive! TFS
Pam Going Postal

paola said...

I am really enjoying following your blog and every new post brings lots of smiles, thanks for sharing.
chat soon

Mary J said...

Hello Meahni - I love your style - you use colour so well! Thanks for sharing and look forward to more inspiration from you! From an avid labrador lover!!

paula said...

She is fab with those LIPS!! and I sure do remember the CURE!! LOL I love 80's music!!! I just heard the Cure in a store and I was in heaven. Stella forever, and your coloring ain't too shabby either! LOL :)


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