Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dropping in

Hi Everyone, are you having a good Sunday, has your Sunday started yet? I can't believe mine is more than half way done already. I am just dropping in to say hi and show you this cutie bear card I made last weekend, but haven't had a chance to take a picture or post it. Blame it on winter, lol!

I bought all of the teddy bears from Elzybells, a while back already, and haven't had a chance to use most of them. In fact I think this is only the third or fourth one I'm using, and I have about 8 or 9 of them. Not sure if you know, but sadly Elzybells is closing down, so if you want to get these cute images then don't waste time they're 50% off. Talking of sales, Bugaboo Stamps (digital only), are also having a 50% sale. I am definitely going to take advantage of that.

As usual I coloured my image with my prisma pencils and blended it with Sansador (gamsol), then I cut it out with a nestie square die and layered it on another nestie, which i ran through my cuttlebug template, but I don't think that is showing on the photo. I also chalked the edged of the image while it was still in the nestie die, and if you want to know more about how to do that, check out Jeanie's tutorial on my sidebar, or Paula's post last week on her blog, she's also on my sidebar, you'll find her linked under Paper Possibilities.

You may recall that we celebrated my mom's 70th recently. She had a lovely time and I thought I would post a photo of her and I taken on the day. I'm the one on the left, lol, rofl!!! Woohoo!

I may have mentioned on a previous post that our offices will be closing end of September. We have decided to have a final get together with the whole I.T. department, last week I made the arrangements for us. It took me a while, but after searching for two days I eventually found a place I thought would have something for everyone. It's called Zebula Golf Estate & Spa, and no I will not be spending all my time at the Spa, instead with the animals. Go check out their website if you are interested in more info. They have cheetahs, tigers and cubs, lions and cubs, they'll be doing a cheetah run for us, can't wait to see that. There's a crocodile gorge, bird aviary, meerkat den, snake and reptile park, can anyone tell yet why I chose this specific place, hehehe. I want to sleep with the cheetahs though, wonder if they'll allow me, lol!

Alright then, enjoy your day, and have a great week ahead.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last of Stella and a new room

Hi Everyone, it's been a looong time, and of course yesterday when I wanted to post this post, my internet connection was acting up! It just wouldn't work, yet today it's perfectly normal again. So, sorry for not getting to any blog to leave a comment or two, but I really, really wanted to, lol!

Here's the last of my mom's birthday cards. This was the one her friend asked for, and she luckily, liked it so much she wanted to keep it. Always nice when people are happy with what you made for them. Talking of that, my friend loved ALL the Clown and Number cards, so they all have a new home now.

This is Stella of course, from Bugaboo Stamps, and she was printed on a laser printer, and coloured with prisma pencils, blended with sansador (gamsol) and cut out with a nestie rectangle die. I sometimes wonder if I need to repeat this all the time, but I know when I visit other blogs, I like to see this detail, cause I don't necessarily visit all the time, or it might be my first visit, then it's great to get the info easy and right there in the last post.

I have had the lucky opportunity to buy some of our office furniture. With our offices closing end of September, we have had to get rid of all the furniture. Staff had the option to buy some as well, and for the local ladies reading this post you will appreciate how cheaply I got this. My company paid R18'500 per workstation, that's a desk and 6 of these cupboards you see below (4 wide ones and 2 small ones), I bought it for R500 a set! They are only 3 years old now, which in office furniture is still brand new.

I have tidied my hobby room and I must say, it would be nice to have a bit more container type storage, for the smaller things we so love to collect, but other than that I really cannot complain, I think the pictures speak for themselves. I had to have stuff all over the show, even on the floor. Now everything is neat and tidy, and even Simby and Misty's little beds have a neat space!

See stuff all over !!! It used to drive me insane.

.... and more stuff all over!

Well I am sure you are all tired of this long post, but I had to share my neat and tidy room. Jeanie, what you think?

Take care and have a great week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The end has arrived

No not of me blogging, don't get all excited, only of this series of clown cards! I am now posting the last of the ones I made, and unless someone specifically asks for one, there won't be another one posted in the too near future, lol!

So my last set of clown numbers are a few sixes, a five and a seven, some for girls and some for boys. I tried to do a variety of shapes even though I used the same paper more than once. It does make it a lot easier to stick to the same paper when you have to do a few of something.

The nestabilities dies are ideal for getting cute shaped cards. You just have to find a way for the oddly shaped ones to stand. Otherwise I think they are pretty neat.

These were all coloured with prisma pencils and blended with sansador. I did not add much to them as they are small cards and I didn't want to overdo this little card with a huge big embellishment. I could maybe have included a happy birthday sentiment to some, but I actually clean forgot, oops!

These have now all gone to my friend, and I sure hope she is happy with them. Not sure the 5 or 6 year old who will receive them will ever know how much time I spent on it, but it was all worth it :-)

I need to get going, Jingle is on the table again and acting just like a spoilt kitten playing with everything, standing in front of my screen, throwing things off the table *sigh*.

See you soon.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A home-made facelift?

Another Stella did I hear you say, lol. Now can I help it that I love Stella, and that she is just ideal for the birthday cards I have been needing lately. Luckily this is not me, or at least not yet, woohoo! This one is also for my mom for her 70th, and I think it is JUST perfect. So if you are tired of Stella already, sorry, and I have to warn you there's another one coming. My mom's friend asked me to make her a card as well so it will definitely be Stella again. My mother might change her hair style to this after all these Stella cards, rofl.

I coloured her with my prisma pencils and blended it with sansador (gamsol). Then cut the image out with my long rectangle nesties and layered it on a scalloped rectangle. I added a bit of glaze pen to her glasses, as usual not visible in the photo, and no glitter. I didn't think it called for glitter, hopefully I was right.

I have finished my clown numbers cards, I just have to take a picture of the last one and then they'll be up here. There are 4 of them, but don't worry, I will post them all together. They are all cute, and I hope my friend is happy with them. You never know if you really manage to do what people request, but I guess if not they won't come back hey.

That's that for today. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, it's at least a lovely sunny day here, but it's still winter, it's not going to fool me, hehehe.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim anyone?

Okay, definitely no swimming for Paula, lol! and definitely no swimming for anyone in Jo'burg, it's far too cold, actually I struggle to swim when it's summer time. Even then it's too cold for me, lol! I know, moan, moan, moan, so lets move on to my card.

This is the other card I made for my sister for her birthday. I was so slow in taking the picture that my mom gave it to her before I got round to doing it, luckily my sister does not throw my cards away, so I managed to get it back for it's little photo shoot, hehehe.

The image is Tiny tina teacup from Stamping Bella and I coloured her with my prisma pencils, then blended with sansador and then cut the image out with my nesties. The border was done with a fiskars border punch, I like those tiny little scallops on the scallops, not sure if you can see them clearly in the pic.

One of the comments I got from my last post was from Moz to please email her with details of local suppliers of prismacolor pencils. Moz I went to your blog but could not find your email address can you send it to me please.

Poor Brazil just crashed out of the World Cup, shame! I liked them, but I wanted the Netherlands to win, because my money is on them being in the final against Spain and Spain winning. Selfish I know, but hey money is money, lol.

Oh and before I go, I have to share what waited for me when I got home tonight. A little dog, my Simby, full of paint! I was so upset. The gardener was painting today, not much gardening during winter time, and Simby was rubbing up against the wall every time she gave him her ball to throw. So I got home to a rock hard dog, the paint had dried and she no longer had hair on her body, just hard bits of paint. Oh well I gave her a bath and cleaned it all off, but I was still upset, and he is still going to get moaned at, lol.

Have a great weekend, I'll be back tomorrow or Sunday.


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