Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Suggestions please

I'm somewhat brain dead today, I cannot think of a header for this post. Maybe it's because I'm struggling with my internet connection, it's frustrating me so that I cannot think straight, lol. It took about 10 attempts to get my images uploaded, and now they finally are, I've had to try a different setting, so hopefully my post looks okay in the end.

What I wanted to ask was what would you have called this post!? I'm sure there's some great ideas out there, better than my 'suggestions' one, hehehe.

This image is from Bugaboo Stamps and again I was lucky to get it as a free download, and No I did not get all my images as freebies, I've bought plenty too.

I coloured my image with my prismacolor pencils then blended it with sansador (gamsol), and cut it out with a rectangle nestie. Now, in case you're wondering about my little clouds I added in, I did that from following Paula's cloud tutorial here. Please no comparisons, I'm still a learner, woohoo.

The border was done with the Die-namics border from My Favorite Things, and I love it, I want to use it all the time.

I added a little butterfly in the top right corner, but I'm not sure it's visible on the photo, not serious if you can't see it, just trust me that it's there. Lastly, I used the Taylored Expressions sketch number 122. Great sketch, I and might just use it again.

This weekend I am starting my photography course, I can't wait. I sure hope it's not too complicated, I just want to learn how to take great pictures. Then again I think that's like making great cards, you either have the talent or you don't, but I'm about to find out. I sure hope there's a huge big secret they're all keeping and I am finally going to find out what it is. ROFL!

Have a good rest of the week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who stole the cheese

Look what I have to share today, a brand new image from none other than Ladybug Crafts Ink. This is my first card that I've made for Kerry, and I sure hope she likes it.

I think this image is just so cute, look at that big eye peeping at the poor little mouse going by. This is Tiptoeing Lily and she sure looks pretty confident walking past Magnum, then again he doesn't look like he needs food, lol!

I coloured the image with my prismacolor pencils, blended with sansador (gamsol), and then cut it out with an oval nestie. The paper is from October Afternoon, the fence is a Martha Stewart border punch and the sentiment is from Elzybells.

Now, I tried something different with my picture. I tried Jeanie's super clever way of taking her pictures with a pretty background instead of the usual dull one I have. I could not however decide which one I liked better, isn't that typical, lol! So please let me know what you think!

That's that for today! Hope you have a great Monday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What we all fear

A nurse with a glove on giving you the look that says, do I look like I'm joking! LOL!!!

Do you ever have this great idea in mind for a card, then start making it and once it's finished it is so not that great idea you originally had?? Well that is exactly what happened with this card of mine, so if no-one really likes it I so won't be upset with you, cause it is not on my favourite.

The image is from Bugaboo stamps, yes again, shhhh not a word from anyone. But at least it is Margaret this time and not Stella. I coloured it with my prismacolor pencils blended with sansador (gamsol) and then I cut the image out with my craft knife. Oh boy did I realise how much my eyesight has gone, I could not see the lines to know where to cut, it was SO difficult, I even tried with a magnifying glass, but I needed a third hand, either to hold the image down or to hold the magnifying glass. Warning: watch out when you turn 40 everything goes downhill from there, woohoo! I layered my image on a nestie mat and the border at the bottom was done with the EK Success punch which my super talented friend Jeanie sent me.

Please let me know what you think of my not so favourite card, I'd love to know if it's just me or if the card is not the best ever :-)

Tomorrow is Friday, yay!


PS: Leanne let me know how I can contact you. I'll help with the colouring if I can!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who likes mornings?

Definitely not me, lol!!! I am so not a morning person, don't ask me what it is, but I do know if mornings started at around 10, or better yet 11, I would definitely be one.

Here's someone who agrees with me. Margaret from Bugaboo is definitely not a morning person either.

I printed Margaret on a laser printer then left the image to 'dry' for about a day. I coloured her with my prismacolor pencils and blended it with Sansador (gamsol), cut it out with a nestie die, in this case the long rectangle. I added a crocheted flower my mom made me ages ago and of course the button and twine on top to finish it off nicely. That's about it I think, oh the paper is from Basic Grey the 6x6 pad.

I took some pictures of my children while we were outside playing in the garden yesterday. I always talk about them and thought it would be nice to introduce them to you all. It is so difficult to get a good picture of Jingle and Misty. Misty literally turns her head away from the camera and just stands there, I can call and whistle and try what I like, she will not look at the camera. Some times she even ran inside to get away from me, lol!

So here's my little Jingle, not so little anymore, with his pretty pink nose. See it's going to need sun block soon.

Here is her royal highness, Simby, aka as Princess. She sure acts like one, thus the reason for the nickname.

And my little camera shy Misty. Luckily I have a good zoom lens so I could sneak this picture in without her knowing. Although that face does look a little like it's saying "stop taking my picture, ppppplease".

and Jingle again smelling the grass, or something.

No pictures of Pepi (African Grey) and Roxy (Green Cheek Conure). I will try get them another time. Pepi is not too difficult as he comes out of his cage, but Roxy does not leave her little place of safety, so the only pictures I get of her are through the bars which are not very nice. I'm booked to do a photographic course in September, can't wait, maybe they can teach me how to get a picture without the bars, lol.

Have a great week, I know I will cause we have a public holiday tomorrow, and it's Women's Day, yay!

Friday, August 6, 2010

One Cool Cat

This is exactly what my little Jingle would look like if I were to dress him, loads of attitude and oh so cool. He is just so full of it, lol! But don't we just love them the more for it. (ps: I would never dress him though, don't like animals to be dressed, it's so not natural for them.)

My little cool cat is from Bugaboo and I was the luckiest person ever, cause I got it when it was a freebie. Bugaboo have a freebie every Friday, don't miss it cause they're very good. Oh and should you be keen to get some images the 50% off sale is still on, ends 10 August.

I coloured my image with my prisma pencils and blended it with Sansador (gamsol), then cut it with my circle nestie and chalked the edges while it was still in the nestie die. Oh no nasty comments about his big pink nose, cause that is exactly what Jinlge's looks like. I can see in summer time I'm going to have to put sun block on it.

In my previous post I mentioned that I'll be joining Ladybug Crafts Ink as a guest designer, well in case anyone is keen to be a full time designer, then go see Kerry's blog she is doing a DT call. Come on I know you want to, besides who doesn't wanna work with her cute images. I can't wait, my parcel is on it's way, woohoo.

I noticed I got some new followers, welcome ladies, I'm always so pleased to see that there are people who like to see what I get up to in my spare time. It's so great to meet so many people around the world.

....till next time

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Got the bug

I've come to the conclusion that I must have the Bugaboo bug, lol! All I seem to be using lately are bugaboo images, and in case you are tired of them, be warned there's more coming.

My mom's friend loved all the Stella cards so much, she wanted me to make her some too. Her words, 'I've got lots of old friends having birthdays soon'. Wonder if they know she calls them old, lol.

I coloured Stella with my prismacolor pencils and blended it with Sansador (gamsol), then cut the image with my long rectangle nestie. That scalloped border was done with the MFT Dienamics die I ordered about 3 weeks ago and finally got on Friday. As Jeanie correctly predicted, I just had to use it as soon as possible. I tried to make it look like 'traffic controller' Stella, is standing in the road, not sure if it looks like it to anyone else, but to me it definitely does, lol.

I'm so happy I'm sitting in my lounge under a blankie, with a laptop on my lap, writing this post. No cold study, yay! I thought my router was wireless, but it isn't so I have a looooong flylead from the study to my lap, it's quite a mess, but hey it works, and that's all that matters.

I have some really exciting news to share. I'll be starting a brand new Design Team 'job' soon. Jeanie has recently been asked by Kerry to make some cards for her, Kerry saw my comment on Jeanie's post, and Jeanie and Kerry started talking and long story short, I will now be joining Kerry's DT for Ladybug Crafts Ink, her very own stamp company. Ain't that kwel. I can't wait to get my stamps so I can start colouring those gorgeous images, go check them out, you'll love them too, I promise.

I can't believe it's August already, I have 2 months left at work, then it's the end of my 15 years there! I wonder if I'll stay that long at my next job too. Hopefully not, I want to retire long before then, rofl!!!!!

Enjoy your week again.


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