Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I did it again

Somehow I managed to make the same mistakes again and again... and we're supposed to learn from our mistakes, but clearly I don't. I rather repeat mine.

This card is for, wait for it, my 51 year old brother in law! Yip, you heard (or is that read) right, he's 51 today. Oh never mind that it's his birthday today and the card is only finished now.... It looks like a card for a young kid, instead it's for a 51 year old man. And it doesn't matter that he's a young 51 - it's still not really appropriate for his age.

Why do I keep doing that. I really have good intentions when I start out.

The card is done now, and I don't have time, I am sure you saw my comment earlier that it was his birthday today, to make another one. Besides I have 3 more male cards to do. I said it before and say it again, men shouldn't be allowed birthdays :-)

Okay I've bitched enough, but I had to let some steam off. I stamped the same image 3 times (I think it's by Exchangeable Clear Stamper), then coloured it with lyra pencils, blended it and put it through my brand new nestabilities template. Man were they expensive, but I am so happy with them.

Talking about the nestabilities, I have to share that you guys in the UK and the States are very lucky. The manufacturing company wasn't interested in exporting to South Africa, they said they generate enough sustainable business from the US and UK! isn't there supposed to be an economic crisis?

That's it for now. Wait one more thing, although I think it is old news by now. Have you seen the new Ketta range stamps from Stamping Bella. They are just great! If you want check their blog for some designs.


Anonymous said...

Great card, Sue x

Riet said...

wowwww Meahni,what a beautifuls cards,l love them all.

hugs Riet.x

weewiccababe said...

well I think the card is great and I'm positive he'll love it.

re the nestabilities - http://www.ucutathome.com/ if you register on the site they email you a 40% discount coupon to use against your order. They do international shipping. Its far cheaper for me to buy them from there (the US) than they are in the UK


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