Sunday, March 1, 2009

Image swap

I can quite honestly say the past 2 weeks have been the worst time of my life. It is over now, and I miss my Shado dearly, but I know she is in Heaven, safe and sound.

I recently did an image swap with fellow crafters, Debbi and Nikki. I have not wanted to post the wallets I made for them, as I didn't want to spoil the 'surprise' :-)

Debbi has received her images, but I have not heard from Nikki, so I sincerely hope they got to her.

Here are the wallets I made for them.

This one went to Debbi....
..... and this one to Nikki.

I sure hope they can use the images and I can't wait to see some of their creations. It can only inspire me and give me loads of ideas.

That was all I had to share for today. Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Meahni I still havent received this lovely card yet boo hoo. I hope it arives soon and has not got lost in transit. The post here in England is usually very good so keep your fingers and toes crossed lol . I'm sending you a HUGE (((((HUG))))). So sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful dog Shado love Nikki xxxx

weewiccababe said...

chin up babes, you did the right thing.
and thankyou so much again for the images - I'm dying to get going but life keeps getting in the way! :)
I'm really keen to see what you do with the ones I sent you, because I usually colour with the promarkers it'll be interesting to see your take on them with Lyra's


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