Monday, March 16, 2009

Turning 21

Can you remember when you turned 21! Mine is so long ago, I don't even want to try and remember - lol.

My cousin, Carol's, best friend, Amy, is having her 21st birthday party this weekend. It turns out Amy has a colour theme for her party, so each table has it's own colour. My aunt's colour is orange, see the orange card below. Believe it or not, but she had to have a dress made as she couldn't find a formal 'orange' dress anywhere. Carol's colour is purple, thus the purple card further down.

Carol asked me to make a card with unicorns and rainbows, I think the rainbow has something to do with the different colours? Who knows. Now who has a unicorn stamp, certainly not me. I was going to try avoid this one, but decided to search the net, and to my surprise I found the most gorgeous unicorn image. Jordan Greywolf, was kind enough to let me use his image. Isn't she so beautiful.

I know it's not often you'll run into a purple unicorn!!! I printed the image off onto white card stock, coloured it with my lyras and blended as usual with Sansador.

The rainbows I incorporated through the gemstones and beads. They are all sorted in the colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple - or in reverse as I've put it on the card. It is somewhat visible on the photos below.

They were great fun to make, but it took a lot of time and a lot of my little creative juices. In the end I am quite happy with the outcome.

That's about it for today, House V starts tonight and I haven't even caught up on the last season I recorded. I am so bad with this stuff. Think I might just skip it and start tonight, hopefully not too much has changed.


Mar G said...

Gorgeous cards Meahni, great colouring especially the unicorn, love all the embellishments you've used too.
What a lovely idea to have a colour theme party.....It certainly won't be dull?!
Well Done :-)

I'll e-mail you the details about my pencils - Mar x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Gorgeous cards Meahni. I can vaguely remember being 21! The years just go flying past once you reach 21, far too quickly for my liking! Hugs, Lainy xxx

weewiccababe said...

WOW! those are both absolutely stunning cards, and I'm glad to hear that they liked them
well done you



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