Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photos instead of a card

Yay, I'm still alive! I have FINALLY got my home line fixed. It's so nice to be on-line again.

I have been so busy these last two weeks. Today I finished at work, the office is empty, everything is gone. It was hard work and lots to do and organise, but it's all done. Now I guess I need to start looking for a new job. For some strange reason one is not finding me, lol!

If you managed to read some of my previous posts you will know that I was doing a photography course. I loved it! It was only the fundamentals of digital photography, but I learnt so much. I am really enjoying taking pictures now that I actually know how to use the camera.

For our final class we had an early morning outing, we went to the Botanical Gardens down the road from me, and was I lucky it was near my house, cause we had to be there at 6 in the morning. Anyhow, I wanted to share some of the photos I took, seeing I do not have a card as I have not had time to do any crafting in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully you like them.

Playing with the white balance

Oil painting, just for fun!

I saw today that some of you have left me comments which I was not even aware of. I have made my comments a little more secure as there has been so much spam lately, what is it with these people, they are so annoying, but let me refrain and move on! As the saying goes, if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Thanks for your comments I loved them, and was definitely not keeping them hidden on purpose.

Seeing I am a lady of leisure now I might actually find some time to make a card again. I haven't been able to visit any of my Ladybug Crafts Inc DT members, they must think I don't love them anymore.

Nothing further from me. It's almost bedtime, I'm just watching Show me how first, woohoo, our one and only local craft show.



Julie said...

Nice to have you call by thisevening , I'd have had the kettle on if I'd realised lol! Maybe you should become s regular guest on that local craft show,I'm sure you could show them a thing or two! TFS your lovely photographs,enjoy being a lady of leisure,Julie x

weewiccababe said...

hello stranger, nice to catch up with you again. are you sure you didn't kidnap Enrique and tie him up in your craft room and that's why we're not getting crafty pics lol
great photo's I love the effect with the waterfalls that makes the water look all fluffy

april said...

Love the pics!! You have a great eye for it I think! Your cards are always gorgeous, so it must come naturally!

Anita said...

Your photographs are beautiful. I wish I could take pictures like that. I hope you get to make a card soon as I miss seeing your beautiful creations.

Rene' Sharp said...

Hey Meahni!! How are you?? Long time no speak! Hope you are keeping well. Love all your nature photos! Have a great week! :)

Mary J said...

Welcome back, Meahni! Wow, what fabulous photos! I am rubbish with my camera - I really should go to classes!


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