Friday, December 26, 2008

New baby to the family

Okay I've been a bit slack at blogging, but it's been Christmas and I had the whole family over yesterday, which is fun but exhausting.

Being an animal lover, I am a firm believer in not giving pets as gifts, but this Christmas was an exception. My aunt suggested we get my cousin a puppy for Christmas. I don't like to buy pets so I tried the animal shelters, but their adoption procedures are all the same. They come to your house and do an inspection first. They also come back 6 months later to make sure the pet is being treated well. So I was in a bit of a predicament. I tried Claw, which is a shelter that 'caters' for the very poor areas. They had a little white puppy, she and her sisters were put in a box on the side of the road. Her mom was with them, but the box had been closed so she couldn't get to them. Luckily someone picked them up, and now this little thing has got the best home an animal could ever ask for.

Here she is :-)

As I said, she was a gift for my cousin, so she didn't have a name yet, but my cousin's other dog is called Mia, so there was a strong consideration to name this little thing Farrow.

I miss her dearly, but I know she will be well looked after.

I made a Christmas card for my cousin to go with a letter the puppy wrote to her asking she adopts her, and I forgot to take a picture of it. I will ask her to bring it here when she comes to visit in 2 weeks time.

Well that was all I had to share for now, I am going to make some cards now, so I will hopefully have a little more to share here soon.


Susie said...

on my, this puppy is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL

Jeanie said...

Accck!! OMG!! I could just eat her up! Is this not the cutest puppy ever??? You need to send me a picture of what she looks like now. I know this is an older post but it popped up when I left my last comment and I had to click on it to get a better look at this cutie patootie baby.


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