Monday, January 12, 2009

African theme?

Morning all,

I was asked by a colleague for a card with an African theme, to go to Switzerland. This is as African as I got ;-) Hey there is a giraffe on there - hehehe. I hope she likes it, otherwise I'll have to think of something else. I'm sure this card could come to good use otherwise.

Here is the pewter I did on Saturday. I have had all the pewter goodies since about 4 years, and have finally made something. For now, it is just the image itself, but I am still trying to decide where it should go. I could use it to decoupage something, or it could go on a card. That was the original idea. It was supposed to be used for the African theme card... but I wasn't sure it was good enough to go overseas.

I'll share whatever it gets used for eventually.

Okay got to rush, I am SO late for my first day back at work!!! Yew, I am so not in the mood either ;-(

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

There must be something out there.

Mar G said...

Hi Meahni - Well Done on starting your blog....Bet you'll become addicted very soon?
Your cards are gorgeous & your pewter hippo (Oh I SO hope it is a hippo? Lol) is fab :)
I'll be following your blog & I'll add you to mine - Look forward to chatting - Mar (Scotland) x


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