Monday, January 26, 2009


No, it's not me. Unfortunately. I was asked to create a retirement card for a colleague, lucky guy. Okay, I probably don't want to wish myself older, but I would love to be able to retire. Just think of all the time I'll have to craft.

This image was one of the MANY which my idol Paula Williamson sent me. Go check her blog and see her beautiful cards. She's a genius.

I thought this little mouse relaxing in the sun is just perfect, as it is hopefully how his days will be spent. Relaxing in the sun, and we do have a lot of sun here.

I coloured it with my brand new Lyra pencils, and baby oil. It was such fun and I just love those pencils. They too, came highly recommended by Paula.

Close up!
I thought that wavy paper was ideal as it looks like waves in the sea. I hope you all agree :-)
Well that is it for today, hopefully there will be more to come this week.


Anonymous said...

You are faaaarrrrr too creative for 1 chick. Love your work. Thanks for making me the retirement card. It is much nicer than anything I would have found in the shops.


Mar G said...

Hey Meahni - Thanks for your e-mail :)
What a lovely retirement card....Gorgeous image, ribbons & colours!
The wavy paper works so well as the waves in the sea.
Well Done - Mar x

Ps - Theres something on my blog for you!

weewiccababe said...

ooooo thats interesting - have never seen baby oil used, have seen other bloggers using some arty oil. will have to give that a go - any tips?


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