Monday, January 5, 2009

How to make the stamp rack

Hi All

I've had such a response on my docrafts gallery to my stamp rack, that I thought I would put a bit more information on how to make it, here on my blog.

It is really simple, and I will give you a quick run down. We use the metric system here, so for those who don't, you'd have to convert my measurements :-)

So, I had a piece of masonite board which measured 1610 x 1110 mm (millimeters), you can of course make it any size you prefer. I bought a piece of chipboard, and had that cut up into 2 strips of 1610 mm in length and 65mm in width, which was for the sides of the rack and 12 strips of 1078mm, these made up the shelves. The reason they are 1078 mm and not 1110mm, is that I took off the width of the two strips on the sides, they are 16mm in width each, so 1110mm less 32mm is 1078. (Right, I think so :-)) The shelves (12 strips of 1078mm were also cut in widths of 65mm). So I can easily fit two rows of stamps per shelf. Although I have not done that, as I like to see the stamps and have only put some smaller ones in front of the bigger ones. Then all I did was buy some screws, I already had some wood glue at home.

To start I made the outer frame. I took the two 1610mm strips and laid them next to each other, 1078mm apart, wide side up (refer to the photo to get the idea). I took two 1078mm strips and put them in between (also wide side up) the 1610 strips, one at the top and one at the bottom. At the corners of the frame, I first drilled the holes for the screws (just smaller than the actual screw) and then put a bit of wood glue between each piece of wood before putting in the screw (it makes it so much stronger). So you end up with what looks like a very big frame. Once that was done all I did was put the rest of the 1078 strips in my frame, spaced them as I wanted them and did exactly the same for each one. Screwed a hole each side, then a bit of wood glue and then put the screws in either side. In the end I screwed the masonite board to the back of my frame, and that was it.

I sure hope that this makes sense. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures as I went a long, I didn't think I would get such a reaction. But it is really easy and I promise you can also do it.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Eisbärin said...

Thanks for the info, I might do that once I have my own craft room and somewhere to put it up! It looks lovely and I am really jealous *lol*


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