Sunday, April 26, 2009

My first Magnolia

Finally I have made a card with my FAVOURITE Magnolia image. I just love this little giggling face, it is too precious.

This card has no purpose really. I just made it cause it was one of the images I coloured when I was in "colour production mode" - LOL! I saw an ad on TV and they showed a kitchen with aqua and orange ornaments, so it inspired me to do something in those colours. Again, I just coloured away not finding paper first. Again, I struggled a long time to find papers to match. In the end, this is what I came up with, and the idea of little Tilda sitting in the window, I got from none other than Paula, go see her gorgeous card.

This image was coloured with my lyras and blended with sansador. The window frame was embossed in my cuttlebug template, sorry I don't recall the name.

Today was luckily a day with no events, unlike yesterday, where I chipped my front tooth by knocking it with my toothbrush (it was quite a hard knock), then I spelt Goodbye wrong on a card I was so happy to have finished, and finally, cause there has to be a third thing, I knocked my bottle of sansador over - AGAIN!

Lets hope tomorrow stays uneventful too. Yeahhhhhh we have another public holiday tomorrow. And Friday coming too.... whoooohoooo. It's so nice a 3 day work week.

Oh Debbi - Goodbye it Totsiens in Afrikaans - so no luck there, but thanks for trying to find a good excuse for my stupidity ;-)

I'm off to make something warm to drink - I'm cold :-(( I hate winter! Hehehe.... moaning again.


Lynne in NI said...

Awww what a cute card! Your colouring is fabulous as usual!

paula said...

I agree with Lynne above, your coloring is FAB-U-LUSS! And I think the blond looks good...what did you end up using??


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