Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Primsacolor first use!

I eventually decided to bite the bullet and order a set of Prismacolor pencils. I went for the 120 set, cause I figured I need to make it really worthwhile. I ordered them from Blick art materials, as it was the best price I could find and they ship internationally. Some were slightly cheaper, but do not ship internationally. My pencils arrived last Friday and I sat forever sharpening them..... however, I was SO sad and SO upset when I had 20 with broken lead, they are totally useless now. I contacted Blick and they are kind enough to give me partial credit, but I would really rather have replacement pencil. I also do not know if the others are broken too and I just can't tell. Blick have suggested putting them in the microwave, apparently it should soften the wax and fuse the lead again. It didn't work.... so they suggested putting them in the oven, that also did not work. Now I have to contact Prisma they want to speak to me. I will tell you the next chapter in my sad story hopefully in my next post!!!

This card I coloured with the Prisma's, the ones which seem not to be broken and blended with sansador. I have to say, the colour choice is just great. I still love my Lyras and will still use them often, but the Prisma colour choice makes life so easy.

This stamp is from Stamping Bella, and she's called Betty Bombshell. I love her, she is so funky, and reminds me of someone who's not really sure they want to be on the beach, although well prepared. A bit like me, I do not like the beach at all!!! I love the bush and being around lots of animals.

The sentiment is from Micia, and it seemed to go perfectly with Betty.

The sun in the right corner was done with ink and a spunge and I applied it while the image was still in the nesties die. I got the idea from Linda, now don't compare her beautiful colouring to mine please ;-)

I'm off to the voting station again, we have national elections today. I went early this morning and the queue was down the road, my mom and I went straight home. I'll pass by again to see how it looks now. I have to go out and get gas for my heater, and guavas for the parrots, so I might as well take a look at the queue.

Talking about gas, it is getting colder and colder. It's so sad, winter is coming. Okay I know you all up north are so not feeling sorry for me, cause you are probably ecstatic to have summer and warm weather.... but remember, we are not as well prepared for the cold as you guys. (That sounds sad enough to me...)

Till later.....


weewiccababe said...

thats awful about your pencils, would they not replace the broken ones? I know its not the cheapest place on earth but Sonia at 1buy1pencils promises to replace any broken pencils.
I did get your email, and I'm planning to reply - just been up to my eyes lately.
And i love your card - the colouring is gorgeous

paula said...

Do I need to tell you she is da BOMB!! I love the sun thing that Linda did, as well, just not used it yet! lol Oh the joy of having pencils and those nesties.... I LOVE them. Hope you get to vote today and enjoy your nice long weekend. I am in misery at work...I am tired and wanna go home!! I had no idea it got that cold there???


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