Monday, April 27, 2009

A quick boy card

This was a real quick card. I don't think I've ever put a card together this quickly. Hopefully it is not too obvious.... Usually I am so indecisive and take forever and am too scared to cut the paper in case it doesn't look nice.

This little Sugar Nellie was coloured with my lyras and blended with sansador. I again had to try find paper to match my colouring... so not a fun thing to do. I have a lot of paper, but somehow it is still so difficult to match an image once it's coloured.

I cut the image out and mounted it on 3D dots. I wasn't intending on doing that to start off with, but when I put it in my nestabilities die, I did not notice that the image was skew so the poor thing looked like he was leaning on his truck.

That's about it, a short and sweet post, just like the short and sweet card.

Paula, no we don't swim in winter time - I struggle to find a day that is hot enough to swim in summer time... and usually only do if I've been doing DIY or been inside the roof for some or other reason. The water level for the pool was low, so I have to fill it or the pump starts sucking air. Definitely not that adventurous.

Debbi, thanks for the laugh about the pond and hot tub. I wouldn't mind exchanging that hot tub for the swimming pool right now!

Back to work tomorrow so only limited time for crafting and blogging and checking what all of you have been up to.


Riet said...

What a beautiful card Meahni,l love the stamp and colours.

Hugs Riet.x

weewiccababe said...

I love this - and oor hamish is beautifully coloured.

paula said...

I knew this was Hamish, now THERE is a name for you...hmmmm, He is colored just amazingly and no one would ever know it was a fast card. That's the thing about people who don't make them, they can never tell, they just love it!! Man, your blood must be like water, I think I coud not make it down there in the heat. BTW, just how warm does it get in the summer? Do you use air in your house?


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