Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Awards, for me?

Aren't I a lucky girl. I got two awards from Debbi, isn't she just the best!

I have not had time to post them since she awarded them. Life has not been too rosy down here, and tomorrow we will hear our fate! Will we have a job or not.

For now, lets stick to the cheerful fun stuff. These are the two awards that were given to me.

The Lemonade and Hugs awards!

I think the prices advertised are a bit low. Although a hug should be for free! Thanks Debbi, that is awfully nice of you and just what a gal need to cheer things up a little. AS they say everything happens for a reason, soon as I know the reason for what's happening in my life lately, I'll be sure to share it just here.

Some info while I'm at it. Has anyone done the My Favourite Things blog hop today! Go hopping, it's great fun and you get to see some really cool stylish cards. Just what the Dr ordered.

1 comment:

weewiccababe said...

will have to go have a nosey at the blog hop, and you're very welcome for the awards Meahni. Fingers crossed about your job xx


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