Monday, February 9, 2009

I've been tagged - cool stuff!

Well I got tagged by Mar again, and Debbi this time too - it seems I am going to have no choice but to accept the tag. I am not crabby like some people :-)

So what do I have to do. I have to list 20 random facts about myself, and of course, pass the tag onto 5 others. Unfortunately the only people I know in the world of blogging so far, are the two lovely ladies who have already tagged me. Sadly the tag dies here... but at least you get to find out some stuff about me. Okay I know not really a fair deal.

Here goes:
  1. I absolutely love animals, more than anything in this world.
  2. I prefer animal company to humans.
  3. I'm a vegetarian.
  4. I don't kill spiders.
  5. I have never been married.
  6. I have been proposed to a few times.
  7. I have a black belt in karate.
  8. I don't have a favourite colour.
  9. I'm afraid of heights.
  10. I have an addiction to rubber stamps ;-)
  11. I hate cleaning my stamps.
  12. I speak two languages, English and Afrikaans.
  13. I went to boarding school and wanted to run away.
  14. I hate sweet potato - because of boarding school.
  15. If I make a foot print I have only 4 toes on each foot. (My baby toes don't touch the ground.)
  16. I sleep on my back with my arms in the air.... hehehe.
  17. I hate mornings.
  18. I HATE being cold.
  19. I've known my best friend for 22 years now.
  20. My favourite drink is Tequila!!!

He-ha, that was quite difficult... gosh, who would've thought it would take so much thinking. I thought I knew myself a lot better than that. (Seems there's a lot of things I hate. Who would've thought.)

That's it for today then. Sorry that I cannot continue the tag.

Good luck to the rest of you who got tagged.

1 comment:

weewiccababe said...

well I think I like animals more than humans too - do you think I could swap my kids for cats? lmao


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