Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teenage girl

I have finally finished all the things I had to do today. Clean the parrot's cages, what a painful job that is, scrubbing them down.... take the recycled plastic and cans to the dump.... washing.... clean the pool.... and the list goes on. Oh, and I still have to go and play ball, the dogs are all laying here on the floor waiting, best I type fast then and stop waffling.

I made this card for my niece who is turning 14. I was so excited about the sheep, as she chose that image herself, but after colouring it in and then selecting papers to go with it, it looked like a card for a little girl, certainly not a teenager. I guess I'll be making her another card then. Still like this one though.

The stamp is by Micia, in Taiwan, it's one of a few I bought in December, and finally managed to use. I bought the Bubble folder from Cuttlebug yesterday, and of course had to use it straight away. I was really chuffed with the result.

Got to run and go play ball. I think it's still a little too hot, but will see how long Simby lasts in the heat. Oh, Simby is the one Jack Russell, the other is Misty and then there's Shado - the ever so special pavement special :-)


Mar G said...

Oh I think its a great card Meahni & not at all for a little girl!
Teenagers now have such eclectic tastes, I'm sure your niece will love the bright colours, the different textures & the flowers ;-)
Did you stitch the card & paper together with your sewing machine? (I need to get thread & get my machine out & give this a try)

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog....Glad you liked my 'Suits You Sir' card.
I've left you something on my blog, if your not too tired after your busy day you can pick it up!
Not hot here (Lol) we still have snow lying & the temp was -6 last night! (Brrrrr)
TC - Mar x

weewiccababe said...

I think its lovely too - and I'm sure she'll love it.
I've left you something on my blog too

paula said...

Girl, your coloring is awesome! I love this sheep...I love all kinds of barnyard animals...just wouldn't want to clean up after them! lol Are you sending me this image? hint...hint! I LOVE it!!


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